Celebrating 30 Years of Serving the Martial Arts & Fitness Industry

Celebrating 30 Years

Proudly Serving the Martial Arts & Fitness Industry
Since 1991

In 1991, we formed Member Solutions based on the idea that relationships are at the heart of every business success. We believed that if we built a billing system that put people first, the opportunity for martial artists and fitness professionals to pursue their true passion of teaching and changing lives, while attaining financial success, would follow.

Before long, we were thrilled to find that thousands of business leaders agreed with us. So, with a growing community now counting on us, we got to work fast!

Today, we offer a variety of software solutions to help businesses build strong relationships online, in-person, at events, and in their communities. From the very first conversation, to the moment your members achieve their biggest goals, we want our solutions to help make every member experience more memorable. 

30th Anniversary Celebration
Join the Fun!

This year Member Solutions turns 30. While it’s a milestone for us, it’s really a celebration of our extraordinary clients! We’re incredibly honored to be a part of this amazing industry and partner with inspiring business leaders every day. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

To show our appreciation, throughout the year, we’ll be hosting fun activities and events. This month, take a shot at the trivia questions below and catch the replay of our Meet & Greet Awards Ceremony.

Member Solutions Trivia

Put your knowledge to the test. Take a shot at the trivia questions below.

What year was our event registration software, Event Manager, released?
a) 2003
b) 2013
c) 1995

What is the name of our mobile app for members?  

Can you name an employee that has been with MSI for 10+ years? 

Submit your answers here >>

Catch the Replay
Meet & Greet Awards Ceremony

Listen in as inspiring business leaders are honored for their commitment to excellence to the martial arts and fitness business industry, and their local communities. During this celebration, you’ll also get to meet the Member Solutions Team, hear what’s new at Member Solutions, and learn about new tools on the horizon to help martial arts and fitness businesses reach their goals.