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July 3, 2020

[Webinar] Special Event Ideas to Ignite Member Engagement

You’ve heard it before: The more engaged members are, the more loyal they become. The more loyal members are, the longer they’ll stay. But now … Now the stakes are higher. Member retention has never been more important than it is today for your business. As you begin to resume in-person training, or plan for… Read More »


June 29, 2020

1 Easy & Effective Way to Deliver Value to Members on a Recurring Basis

Remember March 2020? Firstly, your state went on lockdown. Secondly, your business temporarily closed. But, you, being the rock star you are, quickly rose to the occasion. You pivoted your business from in-person classes to online and learned new video conferencing technology, all without skipping a beat. Amid the pandemic, you kept delivering value to… Read More »


June 15, 2020

[Webinar] Getting Back to In-Person Training & Filling Classes Effortlessly

If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s this: The businesses that determinedly adapt to new ways of operating are the businesses that will advance successfully through a pandemic or whatever comes their way. In other words, now is the time. As you begin to resume in-person training, or plan for your studio’s reopening,… Read More »


June 9, 2020

Managing Martial Arts Classes: 3 Tools to Support Your New Coronavirus Safety Measures

If you’re getting ready to resume in-person training, your head is likely spinning with questions like: Will I be able to maintain smaller class sizes? How will I make the process as simple as possible for members to register for classes? Should I eliminate the hand-to-hand exchange of membership cards and key tags during check-in? and… Read More »


May 27, 2020

Transitioning to In-Person Classes: Member Communication Tips + Email Templates

Whether you’re beginning to resume in-person training, or your reopening is weeks away, frequent communication with your members on what to expect when they return to your school is key. One of the best and most effective ways to communicate the current operational status of your school is by sending an email. To help, we’ve… Read More »

Planning Your Protocol: 15 Key Considerations for In-Person Classes at Your Martial Arts School

Whether you’re starting to resume in-person training, or your area hasn’t lifted restrictions quite yet, proper planning is essential to ensure a smooth transition from online to in-person classes. To help ensure all bases are covered, we’ve gathered a list of physical distancing, sanitization, and class management tips from our client community for you to consider… Read More »

Resuming In-Person Training? Follow These Steps to Manage Class Size & Physical Distancing Protocol

Most Martial Arts schools are in the early stages of creating and refining their plan to head back into their physical businesses. And part of that plan is establishing how their staff and members will adhere to physical distancing requirements in classes when they re-open. To help with your own plan regarding physical distancing protocol,… Read More »


May 8, 2020

Virtual Belt Testing: 5 Tips to Make it Work for Your Martial Arts School

During a crisis like COVID-19, it’s important to get creative and use technology to your advantage. So, when we learned about the success Steve Giroux, owner of Giroux Bros. Martial Arts, has had with his virtual belt testing program for his students, we, of course, wanted to share it with the Martial Arts community. With… Read More »

AllManaged Billing

May 6, 2020

Help! I’m Offering Online Martial Arts Classes But Not Sure How to Handle Membership Billing. Should I Freeze My Memberships? Charge Members?

No doubt this has been an extremely trying time for the Martial Arts and Fitness community. But in these trying times, it’s been hugely inspiring to see so many business owners, instructors, and members of that same community get creative. They have stay committed to keeping to their training on track. In addition they are… Read More »


March 11, 2020

Can You Continue to Fund Your Business Growth? A Look at Your Balance Sheet

Can your membership business continue to fund its growth? The balance sheet can answer this for you right away. Knowing how to read a balance sheet, you’ll also be able to have a relevant discussion about it — or a discussion about the balance sheet of a business you’re interested in acquiring. In addition, the… Read More »