Transitioning to In-Person Classes: Member Communication Tips + Email Templates

Whether you’re beginning to resume in-person training, or your reopening is weeks away, frequent communication with your members on what to expect when they return to your school is key.

One of the best and most effective ways to communicate the current operational status of your school is by sending an email.

To help, we’ve created email templates for you, so you can get your message out as soon as possible. Simply copy and paste the text into your member management software or email marketing software, update the information in brackets, and send the email communication to your members to keep them informed.

Email Template #1: School Reopening Announcement

Email Template #2: School Reopening Date Not Yet Set

One word of caution: be specific in your communications.

Avoid being vague such as: “Please don’t show up too early before class.” Spell it out for your members. Be specific, as in: “Please don’t arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before the start of class.”

Being specific will help you better manage classes and control the flow of students to and from class. Members will also know exactly what is expected of them. 

Keep virtual learning going!

Not all people are gung-ho about leaving their homes quite yet, even if your school is now open. Be respectful and empathetic to their uncertainty. Let them know you will still be making the classes available online until they are ready to come in. 

To make it easier for you to manage both in-person and virtual classes, consider live streaming your in-person classes. This will allow you to work with both in-person and online participants at the same time.

Also, live streaming is a great visual cue for those reluctant to resume in-person classes. At-home participants will see their friends training and how quickly classes are filling up. This may be the extra encouragement they need to return to in-person classes.

Be sure to highlight the variety and flexibility in training you provide in member communications. 

Last but not least, err on the side of over-communicating.

Members need to know you’re still there for them and that your school is still there for them to come back to.  Utilize your member management software to send frequent emails and keep members in the know. If you use our Member Manager software, you can send both emails and text messages to all your members easily through the Marketing Message Center.

Sending frequent emails, posting on social media, sending text messages, and even sending a letter in the mail that gives members the latest updates on your school, will help them feel connected and valued — and keep them informed.

We’re here for you

If you have questions regarding managing class size and/or communicating your protocol to members, feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager at any time.

Need 1:1 guidance? Book a 30-minute session with your Client Success Manager.

For more tools, templates, strategy guides, and resources to drive member engagement and business growth amid COVID-19, visit our Business Resource Page. Be sure to bookmark the page, too; we’ll continue adding resources as they become available.

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