Guest Post: Improve Your Website Ranking with Video Marketing

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<![CDATA[How to Utilize Videos to Your Advantage on Your Website

Did you know that implementing video marketing on your website will help improve your search rankings?

That’s right! Since Google owns YouTube, all you have to do is have a video hosted on YouTube and embedded on your website. This increases the likelihood of your website ranking higher and improved conversion rates. Here are some tips on how to add high-quality video content to your website to boost your rankings and conversion rates.

Focus on the Details!

Having your video perfectly filmed and edited is awesome, but the best way to get more views and to help your SEO optimization is to focus on those keywords when you upload the clip to YouTube. This means utilizing keywords in your video title and description.

Your video should have a brief title (making it easily searchable), letting your description provide more details (using those keywords to generate relevant searches).

Use Quality Keywords

When adding a title and tags to your video, are you using terms that are clear, defining and searchable?

Be sure to pay attention to the words you use in your titles – with back-linking and embedding, they will boost your website pages by having great titles and tags. You can always try out new keywords and even use as a tool to help you word things in a better way.

Think About Your Audience

If you’re planning on creating a new video to promote your fitness or martial arts business, try to incorporate something that will both grab the attention of the viewer and encourage them to share it on social media. The more shareable your content, the more views you have and ultimately, you end up with more opportunities to send viewers back to your website/lead box.

For more information or help utilizing videos on your 97Display website, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your incredible support team!

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Webinar: Lead to Member: Thinking Long-Term with Your Website

Your website is a direct tie to your business’s bottom line. If it’s not converting your leads to long-term members, you’re losing out on important opportunities to grow. In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies from experts on how to:

  • Generate leads more effectively in your area
  • Use best practices for selling trial memberships
  • Overcome common sales objections
  • Convert leads into members

Presented by Tim Sarazen, Director of Operations at 97Display & Erik Charles Russell, Membership Sales Expert

Tim Sarazen is an expert in internet marketing at 97 Display, a fitness and martial arts website and marketing agency.

Erik Charles Russell has been in the fitness and martial arts industries for 25 years. Erik has coached, instructed, sold memberships, served as a program director, and owned multiple facilities. He has perfected a new method for membership sales and marketing that he has published in his book, The Art of Selling Memberships.

Introducing the Redesigned Member Solutions Website

Member Solutions website design

We’re finally revealing what we’ve been working on the last several months: the rebrand of Member Solutions. Deciding to rebrand meant that we needed to reflect on who we are as a company, how we’ve evolved, and what our evolution means for us and our clients—now and in the future.

What You’ll See from Us

We’re still Member Solutions, but now with:

  • A new, modernized logo that you’ll see across our media
  • A re-energized website optimized for engagement and usability
  • A unified product line with new, memorable names

What Our Rebrand Means for Our Clients

All of these changes are summarized in our new mission statement:

To delight our clients by delivering industry-leading service and flexible, technology-driven solutions that provide superior value.

Our new mission goes back to who and what we care about the most: our clients and community. Through the rebranding of Member Solutions, we want to ensure that we are giving you our 100 percent best as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) partner that anticipates your needs and meets them through high-quality customer service. You inspire us to be more and do more every day.

What Our Rebrand Means for Our Community

We’ll continue to serve the martial arts, fitness, and personal training communities through our suite of solutions. We’ll also offer tailored solutions to other membership-based communities, including:

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Box training
  • Music schools
  • Spas and massage businesses

We’re excited to feature our complete list of industries on our new website. We at Member Solutions want to help business owners live their dreams by easing organization and the time commitment required in their day-to-day tasks.

We’re Here for You

Your hard work often means early mornings, late nights, lunch breaks on-the-go, and time away from family. But you wake up every day knowing you’re not only living your dream, but that you also have the power to inspire others. When you partner your passion with Member Solutions, you’re deepening the community relationships that influence your success. We’re here to help you make a difference.

Creating a Martial Arts Website That Gets You More Students

September’s here and I know a lot of you are beginning to plan out your marketing and events for the upcoming 2012 year. I wanted to share some of my secrets on how to turn your school’s website into the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal before the January rush.

I’ll be covering some of these and more during my upcoming webinar. It’s totally free but I’m limiting the call to only 97 schools, so register as quickly as you can.

A lot of you already know me by now or have at least heard of the success of the products my company creates and builds for school owners.

For the most part, besides our Licensed Fitness Kickboxing Program – the program (I’ll include the link to explain it on the bottom of this blog) we build the industry’s only pure “Student Sales Websites”.

In other words, I make websites that actually enroll people online and have them pay you before they ever come into your school. And apparently I do this pretty well…

The Sales Website and online marketing programs that my company built for schools over the last 21 months have generated an incredible 47,291 online enrollments! That’s right; almost 50,000 people have whipped out their credit cards and purchased an online Martial Arts offer we created.

How many actual people is that? It’s about this many people –

It’s about the number of spectators that the new Yankee stadium holds: 52,325. Just to give you some perspective.

Have I got your attention? I hope so, because I really want to help you to get the same kind of results even if you and I never decide to do business together. You see, I’m totally committed to our industry and I’m on a mission to help schools learn how to market and recruit more students using my proven Internet strategies.

Let me first explain the difference your school’s website and the kind I’m talking about, ‘cause I know you might be scratching your head right now.

A Sales Website doesn’t list all the info that you want your students to see; the upcoming events, photo albums, lineage, full class schedule, social networks, etc.

A Sales Websites just gives prospective students the information that they are looking for so that they can make a decision on whether or not your school is for them. No distractions, no music, no shiny bells or whistles … nothing that takes their attention away from your ‘Online Sales Presentation.’

After a prospective student visits your Sales Website, one of three things happen;

1. The student reads it through and decides that it’s not for them. No worries, on to the next person.

2. The student enters their email as you have piqued their interest but they are not ready to ‘buy’ right now. You can now build a relationship via e-mail and send them cool content and show them that you are the ‘man’ (or woman) in your community when it comes to Martial Arts training. You have a chance to get them to buy later on.

3. The student enters their e-mail and decides to take you up on the awesome online offer you’ve presented them with. It’s not any type of free offer – ‘cause people don’t buy free – it’s an introductory offer.

A low-barrier-of-pain, few classes or a few weeks for a small fee and including a uniform, gloves, etc. This person is now the most qualified prospect out there; they’ve actually paid you online BEFORE ever coming into your academy.

Some people still ask me from time to time if people will really ‘buy’ Martial Arts online and isn’t it better to do a Free offer, a month, a week, a lesson, etc.

First let me tell you this. YES! People love to buy things online and Martial Arts or fitness training is no different.

Secondly, we’ve tested free offers vs. the paid offers and guess what? Paid offers crush free offers. You see, nothing in life is free and everyone knows it. So they’re always looking for the ‘hook’ or the gimmick sales pitch.

But once they pay for something, they experience a mental shift – they’ve exchanged money for good/services and it’s a transaction that makes sense to them.

Here are my 9 Essential Elements to a Great Sales Websitethat’ll I’ll be covering in my upcoming session:

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t sell lessons online without one or all of these elements; I’m just saying that these work for my clients and me. Check your Martial Arts website to see which ones you have and which ones you’re missing. I’ll cover these in detail on the Webinar.

1. Compelling Headline
2. Opt-In Box w/ E-mail Capture Program
3. Ethical “Bribe” in Exchange for their E-mail Address
4. Gripping Sales Copy (Story)
5. Success Stories
6. No Risk Guarantee
7. Low Risk Offer
8. Sense of Urgency
9. Payment Checkout System to Process Payment

Here’s one example of an awesome sales website that my company made for a cool dude named James Terlecki in Youngtown, OH. Hit him up on Facebook or contact him through his site – I’m sure he’ll be happy to share with you how he gets amazing results for his Kids Martial Arts, Muay Thai, BJJ and Kickboxing programs.

If any of you are interested in the program, please check out or call me office at 516.543.0041.

About the author: Michael Parrella is the founder and CEO of Full Contact Online Marketing, a Martial Arts Website Design and Development company, the Fitness Franchise,, and several top-grossing kickboxing facilities in New York. He is also a published author and an MASUCCESS Monthly Columnist.

Michael has several Coaching and Mastermind programs that he runs for Martial Arts school owners of all levels and styles. You can reach him on Facebook at , email him at or contact him at 516-543-0041.

Grow Your Martial Arts School During Back-to-School

Tools to Grow Your Martial Arts School

How you prepare for the back-to-school season can dictate the success of your martial arts business for the entire year. Take a look at our top picks for back-to-school tips and tools.

1) Email Marketing & Text Messaging

Launch an email campaign to target members who were inactive or dropped out over the Summer. Consider pairing your emails with text messages that include special offers for returning students.

  • Member Manager Software – Martial arts software that includes email marketing, lead tracking, and follow-up
  • iContact – Email marketing platform (integrates with Member Manager)
  • Mobiry – Text message-based coupons and promotional codes (integrates with Member Manager)

2) Back-to-School Events

Plan buddy days, community events, anti-bullying talks, and PTO seminars to engage with active students and to attract new prospects.

3) Websites & Web Advertising

Before the fall, invest in optimizing your site to increase your traffic and leads. During back-to-school season, temporarily increase your Google Ads bids to drive even more people to your site.

  • 97 Display – Internet marketing agency that creates martial arts and fitness websites that grow member counts
  • FC Online Marketing – Custom-designed martial arts websites that increase enrollment
  • Google Ads – Advertising platform for Google Search, YouTube, Maps, and more

4) Social Media

Before the back-to-school season, put together your social media strategy. Train your staff on how you want them to use social media. Get everyone in the habit of posting regularly. Make use of social media advertising.

5) Operations

If you keep your school running smoothly, you’re far less likely to receive complaints from your members. Not to mention, you’ll simplify your job as a school owner and be a better teacher and leader because of it.

  • Member Manager Software – All-in-one business management software for lead generation, scheduling, point of sale, billing, and more
  • Member Solutions Billing – Martial arts billing, payment processing, and membership contract management (integrates with Member Manager)
  • Intuit Quickbooks – Accounting software (integrates with Member Manager)
  • Sage 50 – Accounting software (integrates with Member Manager)
  • MAIA Edge – The leading educational resource in the martial arts industry. Get the latest information on recruiting, retention, and revenue to continue growing your school.

Incorporate these tools into your back-to-school strategy to grow your school’s memberships and maximize your earnings this fall.