15 Email Templates to Boost Fitness Sales


Email marketing can make or break your fitness membership sales process. Great emails increase membership sales, while bad emails will send your hard-earned leads into the hands of a competitor. Getting it right means responding quickly, writing intriguing subject lines, and personalizing messages to your leads’ wants and needs.

These 15 email templates respond to the most common reasons people are interested in joining a gym. Use them along with the recommendations below to improve your email response rate and drive more trials and sales to your fitness business.

6 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Email Templates

1. Automate your emails: Leads are three times more likely to schedule a visit if you respond to their inquiry within 10-20 minutes (Source: Velocify). You and your staff can’t monitor new leads around the clock, so speeding up your response time means you’ll need to use technology to automate your responses. Use fitness center software to send emails immediately after a new
lead is added to your system. The dramatic drop in response time will increase your contact
ratio and prevent leads from bouncing to a competitor.

2. Get their attention: The subject lines in my email templates use casual language and speak directly to the leads’ needs. Are they looking to lose weight? Achieve peak physical condition? Improve their health? An email with a subject line that mention their top goal is far more likely to be opened and read than a generic “Following Up” or “Checking In.”

3. Personalize your emails: My email templates aren’t about me; they’re about my leads. I don’t waste their time by telling them about my state-of-the-art equipment or my modern facility (I save that for when they come in for a trial). When they filled out my lead form, they had a specific goal in mind. In my emails, I tell them how I’ll help them lose weight, build muscle, gain confidence, or meet new people. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and imagine what they’d like to hear. Remind them why they contacted you in the first place. Express empathy for their current position and acknowledge how difficult it is to make a change. Explain how your services are different than what they’ve experienced at other fitness centers. Use positive and negative emotions to motivate leads to follow through on their original request.

4. Show proof: 78% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision (Source: YouGov) and, typically, they read fewer than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a business (Source: BrightLocal). Share a testimonial in your emails to leave a positive first impression and satisfy the need for social proof. Add quotes, photos, videos, or links to Yelp and Facebook in the email templates I’ve shared.

5. Tell them what to do next: Emails to prospective gym members should always include a clear call to action that tells them what to do next. Should they call to start their free trial? Check out your online schedule to try a group class? Explain the next steps and be sure to provide a convenient contact method. To create urgency, try including a limited time offer or bonus training session if they contact you quickly.

6. Don’t give up: Sending four to six emails is optimal when trying to get a response from a prospect (Source: Velocify). Sending this many email manually is a tedious task. Luckily, you can use your fitness center software to create an email flow to automatically communicate with new leads every few days. My email templates are built in five-part flows to include testimonials, video links, personalization, and time-sensitive calls to action. I set up my software to send one email each day for five days. Afterwards, I add unresponsive leads to my newsletter list so I can continue marketing to them. Once a lead has expressed a genuine interest in my services, I don’t give up until I hear from them or they unsubscribe.

Once you’ve downloaded your new email templates, tailor each message to your business by changing the contact information, testimonials, and website links. If you’re a Member Solutions client, you can upload these emails into your Member Manager software to create automated lead flows that help generate more trials and membership sales for your fitness center. Want help with email templates or automation? Contact our team today.

About the author: Erik Charles Russell has been in the Martial Arts and Fitness industry more than 25 years. He owns Premier Martial Arts and Fitness in Watertown, NY. In 2015, he published a book based on his successes called “The Art of Selling Memberships.” The book became an international bestseller — hitting number one in three categories in the U.S., Australia, and Germany on