15 Martial Arts Email Templates to Sell More Memberships to Prospects

Email Communication Turn Your Prospects Into Sales

Email is critical to the sales follow-up process and can help you book more appointments and increase your membership sales. However, writing effective emails can be time-consuming.

Use my 15 martial arts email templates and follow these best practices to optimize your email communications in no time.

Tip #1: Respond Quickly

  • Send an email within 10-20 minutes of receiving an inquiry to triple the likelihood that your prospect will schedule a visit (Source: Velocify).
  • Be the first of your competitors to follow up, and you’ll get 50% of the business (Source: Velocify).

How to do it: Use a martial arts software solution to automate your follow-up for web-based leads.

Tip #2: Personalize Your Emails

  • Personalized messages improve conversions by 10% (Source: Aberdeen).
  • Address your prospect by name in your emails.
  • Tailor your message to the specific reasons your prospect is interested in your facility.

How to do it: Start with our set of email templates, which gives you examples of messages for youth Martial Arts students, adults who want to lose weight and adults interested in self-defense classes.

Tip #3: Follow Up Multiple Times

  • If your first email goes unanswered, your second one still has a 21% chance of being opened. After that, there’s still a 25% chance that one of your emails will be read.
  • Unfortunately, 70% of sales emails stop after the first attempt (Source: Yesware). Don’t throw in the towel early; instead, try to outlast your competition.
  • Sending 4-6 emails is optimal when trying to get a response from a prospect (Source: Velocify).

How to do it: Create an “email flow” in your martial arts marketing software to automatically send a series of emails based on your prospect’s interests.

Start improving your email follow up today to convert more prospects into members.

About the author: Erik Charles Russell has been in the Martial Arts and Fitness industry more than 25 years. He owns Premier Martial Arts and Fitness in Watertown, NY. In 2015, he published a book based on his successes called “The Art of Selling Memberships.” The book became an international best seller — hitting number one in three categories in the U.S., Australia, and Germany on

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