15 Martial Arts Email Templates to Sell More Memberships to Prospects

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As a martial arts school owner, you’re familiar with the importance of sending emails to new prospects. However, if your emails aren’t targeted, effective, and timely, you’ll lose your prospect’s interest—and money—to a competitor.

To help you master lead follow-up efficiently, I created 15 martial arts email templates for you to use with the best practices below. These email templates are built in five-part flows to include testimonials, video links, personalization, and time-sensitive calls-to-action. Using them strategically will optimize your communications quickly with tangible results.

Top 4 Email Best Practices for Lead Follow-Up Emails

1. Respond quickly

Leads are 900 percent times more likely to contact you again if you respond to their first inquiry within five minutes. That percentage drops if you wait ten minutes. Why does such a quick turnaround matter? Because 78 percent of customers buy from the first business that responds.

How to do it

Use martial arts software to automate your follow-up for web-based leads. The dramatic increase in response time will decrease the likelihood of leads who choose a competitor.

2. Personalize your emails

The martial arts industry thrives because of relationships. Personalization in emails makes sense for that reason: by addressing your prospect by name and including the details that are important to him/her, you’re avoiding the flat emotional response that comes with mass generalized emails.

Subject lines are the first text that recipients see when choosing which emails they open. What you’ll see in our email templates is casual, emotive language that speaks directly to the goas that leads want to achieve.

Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. Imagine what they want to hear. Remind them why they contacted you in the first place. Express empathy for their current position, and acknowledge how difficult it is to make a change. Explain how your services are different than what they’ve experienced at other fitness centers. Use positive and negative emotions to motivate leads to follow through on their original request.

How to do it

Start with the downloadable of email templates below. They give you examples of messages for youth martial arts students, adults who want to lose weight, and adults interested in self-defense classes. Tailor each message to your business by changing the contact information, testimonials, website links, and wording as desired.

3. Include testimonials from happy members

The martial arts industry is truly incredible because of how it changes lives. However, the deeper impact it has isn’t as known to those outside of the community. For lead conversion, these stories are crucial. 78% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision and need to read at least 10 reviews before trusting a business.

How to do it

Social proof like testimonials from enthusiastic members will leave a positive first impression and begin to create the trust needed for a confident sale. Edit your email templates to add quotes, photos, videos, or links to Yelp and Facebook. Emphasize the stories of your members over the glamour of your school.

4. Follow up multiple times with a call-to-action

Even when you’re the first to contact a prospect, you may not get a response. And that’s okay. In fact, 80 percent of sales require five follow-ups to close a deal. So don’t throw in the towel early; instead, try to outlast your competition.

In each email, include a clear call-to-action that tells your prospects what to do next. Should they call to start a free trial? Sign up to attend an open house? Explain the next steps, and provide a convenient contact method. To create urgency, try including a limited time offer or bonus training session if they contact you quickly.

How to do it

Create an email flow in your martial arts marketing software to automatically send a series of emails based on your prospect’s interests. Personally, I set up my software to send one email per day for five days. Afterward, I add unresponsive leads to my newsletter list so I can continue marketing to them. Once a lead has expressed a genuine interest in my services, I don’t give up until I hear from them or they unsubscribe from my emails.

Improving your email marketing & lead response

Email marketing can make or break your martial arts sales process. Great emails increase membership sales while bad emails will send your hard-earned leads into the hands of a competitor. Getting it right means responding quickly, writing intriguing subject lines, and personalizing messages to your leads’ wants and needs.

Want help with email templates or automation? Contact the Member Solutions team today.

About the author: Erik Charles Russell has been in the martial arts and fitness industry for more than 25 years. He owns Premier Martial Arts and Fitness in Watertown, NY. In 2015, he published a book based on his successes called The Art of Selling Memberships. The book became an international bestseller—hitting number one in three categories in the U.S., Australia, and Germany on

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