Tools to Grow Your Martial Arts School


Top 5 Martial Arts Back to School Tips to Grow Your Business Successfully

How you prepare for the back-to-school season can dictate the success of your martial arts business for the entire year. Also, for the best results, you need solid strategies for sales, marketing, operations, and retention. Above all, the right tools and technology will make your back-to-school marketing more effective, your events more profitable, and your operations more efficient. 

Take a look at our top picks for martial arts back-to-school tips and tools. Each of the martial arts back-to-school tips are paired with a list of tools that will help you grow your school.


1) Firstly, Email Marketing & Text Messaging

Launch an email campaign to target members who were inactive or dropped out over the Summer. After that, consider pairing your emails with text messages that include special offers for returning students.

  • Member Manager Software – Martial arts software that includes email marketing, lead tracking, and follow-up
  • iContact – Email marketing platform (integrates with Member Manager)
  • Mobiry – Text message-based coupons and promotional codes (integrates with Member Manager)

2) Secondly, Back-to-School Events

Plan buddy days, community events, anti-bullying talks, and PTO seminars to engage with active students and to attract new prospects.

3) Thirdly, Websites & Web Advertising

Before the fall, invest in optimizing your site to increase your traffic and leads. In addition, during back-to-school season, temporarily increase your Google Ads bids to drive even more people to your site.

  • 97 Display – Internet marketing agency that creates martial arts and fitness websites that grow member counts
  • FC Online Marketing – Custom-designed martial arts websites that increase enrollment
  • Google Ads – Advertising platform for Google Search, YouTube, Maps, and more

4) Fourthly, Social Media

Before the back-to-school season, put together your social media strategy. In addition, train your staff on how you want them to use social media. Get everyone in the habit of posting regularly. Above all, make good use of social media advertising.

5) Finally, Operations

If you keep your school running smoothly, you’re far less likely to receive complaints from your members. Not to mention, you’ll simplify your job as a school owner and be a better teacher and leader because of it.

  • Member Manager Software – All-in-one business management software for lead generation, scheduling, point of sale, billing, and more
  • Member Solutions Billing – Martial arts billing, payment processing, and membership contract management (Also, integrates with Member Manager)
  • Intuit Quickbooks – Accounting software (integrates with Member Manager)
  • Sage 50 – Accounting software (integrates with Member Manager)
  • MAIA Edge – Leading educational resource in the martial arts industry. Also, get the latest information on recruiting, retention, and revenue to continue growing your school.

In conclusion, incorporate these tools into your back-to-school strategy to grow your school’s memberships and maximize your earnings this fall.

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