Unleashing the Power of Online Student Enrollment: Top 6 Benefits for Your Martial Arts Business




It’s the kind of enrollment process every martial arts business seeks to effectively manage and meet the needs of their students.

Yet, so many studios still use traditional paper-based methods for student enrollment … Methods that are complicated. Ineffective. Open to a host of problems like inaccurate data collection and lost enrollment forms.

The solution? A modern, streamlined online student enrollment process.

While transitioning to an online enrollment process may not be at the top of your ‘favorite activities’ list, the benefits of doing so far outweigh the shortcomings paper-based systems bring.

Going from Paper to Pixel


Making the switch to online student enrollment can bring many long-term benefits to your martial arts business. Let’s have a look.

Online student enrollment allows you to:

1. Deliver a Modern, Streamlined Process & Better Member Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, students are looking for streamlined, hassle-free experiences. With a tool like Member Solutions Member Portal, students can enroll in a martial arts program, renew a membership, and upgrade a membership easily from their phone with a few simple taps. This streamlined process makes enrollment easy and effortless — elevating the overall member experience for the better.

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2. Reach a Wider Audience, Attract More Students

Online student enrollment offers a unique opportunity for your martial arts business to reach a wider audience and attract more students to your programs. By utilizing the power of the Internet and offering online programs and online enrollment, you can expand your reach to connect with potential students beyond your local community.

3. Enhance Security

Paper-based membership contracts are susceptible to loss, theft, or damage, particularly if they’re stored in physical files. Online membership contracts, on the other hand, are stored in the cloud, protected by multiple layers of security. This reduces the risk of data loss or theft and ensures that important contact info is always available when it’s needed.

4. Cut Expenses & Protect the Environment

Moving your sign-up process online will obviously save you the expense of paper, ink, and printer maintenance. It will also help the environment. By eliminating the use of paper, ink, and other materials needed with traditional paper-based sign-up processes, you can reduce the amount of waste produced and support sustainability efforts.

5. Increase Data Accuracy

It’s essential to ensure your student information is recorded correctly. And, paper-based enrollment is prone to human errors like typos, misfiled documents, and missing information.

Online student enrollment eliminates these issues. Online forms and contracts can be pre-populated with student information. Online enrollment systems can also automatically flag errors or missing information, and require fields be completed, allowing you to capture needed information and accurate information.

6. Improve Accessibility

With online enrollment systems, all your membership contracts are stored in a centralized, secure digital repository. No more searching through file cabinets or stacks of paper contracts to find what you need. Instead, you can quickly and easily search for contracts based on specific criteria such as student name, contract date, or membership type. This allows you to retrieve the information quickly and easily, without the hassle of manually searching through physical documents.

Making the Switch

From saving you and your team from paperwork to radically raising your operational efficiency, it’s clear that online student enrollment wins out over a paper-based enrollment system. Now, it’s up to you to make sure your business, your team, and your members benefit.

The Member Solutions Member Portal provides a complete online enrollment tool to make it easy as ever for members to enroll, renew, and upgrade. 

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The Member Portal makes sign-ups a breeze

With the Member Portal, members can easily enroll, renew, and upgrade a membership — in less than a minute!

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