Switching Your Members from Credit Card Payments to ACH

From lower transaction fees to improved cash flow, ACH payments can be a savvy business move for martial arts schools and fitness studios looking to streamline their payment processes and improve their bottom line.

So, what do you do when most of your members currently pay by credit card? How do you transition your members to pay by ACH without disrupting their payment experience?

Here we provide our top tips for successfully transitioning your members from credit card payments (or cash and check) to ACH payments:

1. Assess and Plan

Begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your members’ current payment methods. How many of your members pay by credit card? Cash? Check? This will help you identify the group you’ll be targeting.

Additionally, be sure to set clear objectives for the ACH transition, outlining what you and your team aim to achieve and the expected timeline for implementation.

2. Communicate the Benefits to Members

What’s in it for your members? Why should they make the switch to ACH? Be sure to highlight the perks and why it’s a smart move. Here are a few key benefits to consider:

✔ Cost savings — Members will experience lower or no fees with ACH payments compared to credit card transactions.

✔ No more overdraft stress — With ACH, payments are directly linked to the member’s bank account, ensuring smooth transactions without the risk of overdrafts.

✔ Secure, safer payments — ACH payments are processed directly through banks, which minimizes the risk of fraud or unauthorized transactions.

✔ Flexibility, no credit ties — ACH payments aren’t tied to credit lines, which makes it an attractive option for those who prefer a more conservative approach to managing their finances.

3. Deliver compelling content across diverse platforms—repeatedly—for maximum impact

Think flyers, letters, emails, social media, and even personalized phone calls to amplify the resonance of your “switch to ACH” initiative. Personalized conversations can address individual concerns and provide a more tailored approach, enhancing the likelihood of a positive response.

And, remember, repetition is key. The more members see your message, the greater the probability that your message will stick and increase the chances of your members making the switch to ACH.

4. Offer Incentives or Discounts

Create special promotions or discounts for members who switch to ACH payments. Some ideas:

✔ Offer members a discount on their membership when they switch to ACH. This can be a percentage-based discount or a fixed amount off their recurring membership fee.

✔ Provide members with free items like martial arts uniforms, gloves, or training equipment when they switch to ACH payments.

✔ Offer members free training sessions or private lessons—an excellent way to incentivize members while providing extra value.

✔ Offer gift cards or vouchers to local businesses—a great way to deliver added value while supporting other businesses in your community.

5. Provide Easy Transition Steps

Clearly outline the steps members need to take to switch to ACH payments. Offer dedicated customer support to assist with any questions or concerns.

(NOTE: If you’re a Member Solutions client, you can have your members log into the Member Account Access Center to update their payment method or contact our Client Services team to update your member’s payment method.)

Ready, Set, Switch!

All in all, a successful “switch to ACH” initiative requires effective communication, clear benefits, and a well-executed plan. By focusing on these key elements, your business can successfully transition its members to ACH payments—and enjoy the many benefits that come with this payment method.

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