5 Game-Changing Tools That’ll Delight Your Martial Arts Members (+ Boost Revenue & Efficiency!)

Imagine waking up to 4 new student enrollments, 2 program upgrades, 3 orders for training gear, and a membership renewal … a group of sales that literally happened overnight and adds $1k to your revenue for the month.

Sounds great, right?

That’s exactly what the Member Portal can do for your martial arts business.

The Member Portal brings together 5 simple self-service tools for your members — to keep your business running at all hours, while elevating your members’ experience.

Tool #1
Simple Online Sign-Up


Boosts new student enrollments, upgrades, and renewals

Say you have a parent that wants to enroll their child in your kids martial arts program … or perhaps a member with a BJJ membership that is up for renewal or a student that’s interested in upgrading to your Black Belt Leadership Club.

With the Member Portal, members can easily enroll, renew, and upgrade their membership — and pay online — in a few simple steps.

This convenient 24/7 access naturally accelerates your membership transactions and raises member satisfaction.

Beyond new student enrollments, simple online sign-ups brings these benefits to your martial arts business:

Timely Renewals — With simple renewal tools, you can count on your memberships being up to date which will help eliminate gaps in memberships. 

More Upgrades — Having upgrade options continually in front of your members by way of the Member Portal will naturally increase upgrades and sales.

Zero Paperwork — With online enrollment, renewals, and upgrades, paperwork and paper trails no longer exist. All membership contracts are digitally executed, signed, and electronically stored for you in the software.

Tool #2
The Marketplace (aka Your Online Pro Shop)

Enables you to easily sell gear, apparel, membership packages, and programs online

Wish you could sell more of your pro shop items? The Member Portal’s Marketplace makes it easy to do just that. Simply add your items to the Marketplace, and members can easily browse and buy your gear, apparel, packages, and programs from the comfort of their homes (and pick up their purchased items during their next visit to your facility).

To drive more online sales, the Marketplace also accepts promo codes you can include in your marketing communications to incentivize sales. Upon checkout, members simply apply the promo code to their order to receive a discount.

The Marketplace even keeps track of out-of-stock items. When an item isn’t available, the ability for your members to adjust product quantities or add the item to their cart is hidden and replaced with an “out of stock” label — making it easier for you to manage inventory and demand.

Tool #3
Family Accounts

Enables members to easily link and manage multiple family member accounts in one spot

It’s not uncommon for couples, siblings, and families to train together. After all, training in the martial arts with loved ones strengthens relationships, creates accountability, and makes training more fun.

With the Member Portal, managing multiple family accounts is simple and seamless. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, couples, and guardians can easily link their own account with accounts for their kids, significant others, and/or siblings for easy management.

After linking up accounts, the member can then book classes, buy items from the Marketplace, and sign up, renew, and upgrade memberships on behalf of their children, significant other, and/or family members.

Tool #4
Online Class Bookings

Allows members to easily book and manage class schedules (and family members’ class schedules, too!)

One sure-fire way to boost your bookings? Make it easy to access your class schedules and book online.

Within the Member Portal, members can easily search by class type, instructor, and location — and build out their own class schedule from their tablet, desktop, or phone — anytime, anywhere.

Have families that train at your facility? Busy moms and dads will love the fact that they can book on behalf of their children right then and there. No need to log into a separate account. Multiple family member schedules can be managed in one spot.

Fun fact: over 10,000 classes have been booked through the Member Portal since its release in September 2022!

Tool #5
Member Profile

Gives members everything they need in one spot to easily manage their account

Think of the Member Profile section as a handy virtual toolbelt for your members. It’s equipped with everything they need to manage their membership account quickly and efficiently.

Within the Profile, members can:

◾  View and edit personal details like emergency contacts and health insurance information

◾  Access and sign waivers

◾  Add members to their account

◾  View and download past invoices

◾  Pay unpaid invoices

◾  Manage their credit card and bank account information

From Strength to Strength: Empowering Members, Optimizing Operations

As you now know, incorporating member self-service tools into your martial arts business can make a big difference – not only to your members’ experience, but to your business efficiency and bottom line.

From hassle-free online sign-ups and the convenient Marketplace to family accounts, class bookings, and the Member Profile section, the Member Portal is sure to delight your members while optimizing your cash flow and efficiency.

See the Member Portal for yourself. Book a live demo today!


The Member Portal makes sign-ups a breeze

With the Member Portal, members can easily enroll, renew, and upgrade a membership — in less than a minute!

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