April 19, 2021

Event Start Chart: How to Set Up an Event that Boosts Leads, Retention, and Revenue [Infographic]


Are you looking for ways to fill your classrooms with new, eager-to-learn white belts? To re-ignite engagement with your current students?

Consider running events.

As COVID restrictions ease — and live, in-person events pick up — many of your members, and prospective members, will be looking to connect AWAY from their screens. Be there for them with events like camps, buddy days, and seminars.

Events are a win-win-win situation. 

When done right, events can bring in a steady stream of leads. They can fuel member engagement. Boost member retention. They can even generate an additional, healthy source of revenue for your business when charging nominal event fees, or offering add-ons like merchandise and membership packages.

But, where do you begin with events?

Meet the Event Start Chart: packed with event inspiration, ideas, and guidance. Follow the steps to get your events underway and start generating leads, strengthening retention, and adding to your bottom line.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to effectively market your events and maximize sign-ups.


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