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9 Fall Events & Activities to Boost Enrollment & Retention in Your Martial Arts School

Are you looking for ways to build connection in your martial arts school? To bring new students through your door? Good news! You can accomplish BOTH objectives by running special events, activities, and offers. And, what better time to do so than the Fall — a season filled with special holidays and themes to leverage… Read More »

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Event Start Chart: How to Set Up an Event that Boosts Leads, Retention, and Revenue [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to fill your classrooms with new, eager-to-learn white belts? To re-ignite engagement with your current students? Consider running the following events listed on the event infographic below.    Events are a win-win-win situation when using our event infographic tips.   When done right, events can bring in a steady stream… Read More »

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[Webinar] Special Event Ideas to Ignite Member Engagement

You’ve heard it before: The more engaged members are, the more loyal they become. The more loyal members are, the longer they’ll stay. But now … Now the stakes are higher. Member retention has never been more important than it is today for your business. As you begin to resume in-person training, or plan for… Read More »

Planning Your Protocol: 15 Key Considerations for In-Person Classes at Your Martial Arts School

Whether you’re starting to resume in-person training, or your area hasn’t lifted restrictions quite yet, proper planning is essential to ensure a smooth transition from online to in-person classes. To help ensure all bases are covered, we’ve gathered a list of physical distancing, sanitization, and class management tips from our client community for you to consider… Read More »

Resuming In-Person Training? Follow These Steps to Manage Class Size & Physical Distancing Protocol

Most Martial Arts schools are in the early stages of creating and refining their plan to head back into their physical businesses. And part of that plan is establishing how their staff and members will adhere to physical distancing requirements in classes when they re-open. To help with your own plan regarding physical distancing protocol,… Read More »

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Easy 12-Step Event Checklist for Planning Success

Whether you’re new to event planning or you’re a seasoned professional, an event checklist can help you reduce stress and delight attendees with an exceptional experience. We’ve identified twelve simple steps to the event-planning process that you can follow to execute a successful event of any size for any industry.  1. Set a Purpose &… Read More »

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How to Plan Martial Arts Birthday Parties for Kids

Getting leads and new members Creating business partnerships Increasing retention and your school’s sense of community Improving your recurring income With a targeted plan, like the one we’ve outlined here, you can start using birthday parties tomorrow as a part of your business strategy. It’s important to know that you, the owner, do not have… Read More »

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8 Fun & Easy Holiday Event Ideas

Here in Philadelphia, the fall weather is finally settling in with cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and Eagles football. What may not come to mind immediately is that it also is the perfect season to plan your holiday events in advance. Depending on the complexity of your event, it may take weeks to several months to… Read More »

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Why Community Service Matters for Martial Arts Schools

Through contributing and giving back, we are able to continue to grow our martial arts business. As a byproduct of serving our community, we also have the ability to maximize the exposure of our school. Since opening our school in 1994, we have been actively involved in our community and remain heavily connected to several… Read More »

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11 Martial Arts Event Marketing Tips for Community Events

Looking for a great way to market your martial arts school to a new audience? Break free of your marketing routine by setting up booths at local community events. Festivals, fairs, picnics, and other celebrations are opportunities to share the values you teach on the mat with people who’ve never heard of your services. Sitting… Read More »