January 13, 2022

15+ February Marketing Ideas for Martial Arts and Fitness Businesses

February is more than just hearts and candy for your sweetie; it’s a time to shower your business with some L-O-V-E by way of lead gen and new memberships by using these February marketing martial arts fitness business ideas. 

The great news is the ENTIRE MONTH is packed with opportunities to promote your programs — and have fun doing it.

Let’s look at monthly and daily observances you can leverage to create fun marketing messages and campaigns that draw in new business (and engage current members!):


American Heart Month (February 1, 2022 – February 28, 2022)


Each year in February, American Heart Month is observed to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy heart and to encourage healthy habits that help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Use this observance as an opportunity to educate your members on heart-healthy habits and to get out into your community.


Some Ideas for a Martial Arts School or Fitness Business:


◾ Firstly, run a “Steps” challenge where your staff and members form teams and use a tracker to track steps. Encourage members to invite their friends. The winning team at the end of the month gets X prize. Share the fun you have on your business’ social media pages.

◾ Secondly, host a free seminar that’s open to the community where you talk about the importance of heart-healthy habits and the life-changing effects of martial arts and/or fitness.

◾ Thirdly, Coordinate a Heart Walk with members through the American Heart Association. Encourage members to invite their friends.

Need some more inspo? After that, check out the resource: 25 Ways to Take Part in Heart Month provided by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

In addition, asking to insert a flyer with heart-healthy information in grocery bags, posting flyers on community bulletin boards, and holding a cook-off using heart-healthy recipes are just some of the creative and fun ways to spread heart-healthy messages throughout the month.

Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17, 2022)

Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 13-19, 2022)


While kindness should be encouraged every day, Random Acts of Kindness Day and Week provide a great opportunity to teach younger students about kindness through hands-on lessons.

Visit Random Acts of Kindness.org’s list of kindness ideas to incorporate a unique activity into your martial arts lesson plans. For instance, creating kindness bookmarks to pass out to others, sending a heartfelt note to brighten someone’s day, and holding a drive to collect teddy bears (that are then donated to hospitals, police stations, or fire departments for kids in need) are just some of the meaningful, teachable moments you could create by adding a kindness activity to your curriculum.


Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2022)


Above all, show your members and prospective members some love with a special offer.


Special Offer Ideas for Adult Fitness:


◾ “Fall in Love” with Fitness, “Make Your Heart Happy”, “Show Yourself Some Love” (Special Membership Offer, Free Health Seminar, or Special Valentine’s Day Class)

◾ “Train Together, Stay Together” (Special Membership Offer for Couples or Special Valentine’s Day Class for Couples)

◾ “Share the Love” (Refer a Friend, Get X Special Offer)


Special Offer Ideas for Children’s Martial Arts:


◾ “Have a Kickin’ Valentine’s Day!”, “You’ll LOVE Martial Arts!” (Special Membership Offer for Kids Martial Arts Classes or Special Valentine’s Day Class for Kids)

◾ “Parent’s Night Out! Happy Valentine’s Day from [Your Business Name]” (Kids enjoy a fun night of martial arts and activities. Parents enjoy a kid-free night out on the town.)

◾ Finally, Valentines with candy and special offer for students to pass out to their friends at their school


Member Solutions Clients: Don’t forget about your client-exclusive content!


Utilize the Kids Martial Arts Valentine’s Day marketing materials to get your special promotion out in a flash. The kit includes a fillable 8.5 x 11 in. flyer, a fillable 18 x 24 in. poster, a fillable 3.5 x 8.5 in. 2-sided, door hanger, and a 1200 x 628 px Facebook Ad image. Simply add your special offer details and business contact info — and you’re set!


Other February National Holidays:


◾ Wear Red Day – February 4

◾ Send a Card to a Friend Day – February 7

◾ Boy Scouts Day – February 8

◾ Giving Hearts Day – February 10

◾ Make a Friend Day – February 11

◾ Love Your Pet Day – February 20

◾ Presidents Day – February 21 (since local schools are typically closed on this day, Presidents Day is a great time to run a one-day martial arts camp or a fitness bootcamp. Encourage members to bring their friends!)


Next Up: Marketing!


Whatever marketing ideas you choose to implement, be sure to begin advertising the event or special offer at least 4 weeks prior to the date, if possible, to give yourself ample time to promote the event or special offer.

For instance, you’ll want to begin advertising your Valentine’s Day offer by January 17th (4 weeks prior to February 14th).

Firstly, start by creating a compelling message and offer that highlights the key benefits of attending your special event or reasons why people should take you up on your special offer. (Answer the question: what’s in it for my prospective member?). 

Secondly, create a flyer, Facebook Ad, and other marketing materials to promote the event and/or special offer.

In addition, once your marketing message and materials are completed, get the word out in multiple places, multiple times. Repetition is key!


A Word to the Wise


Due to its time-sensitive nature, event marketing is most effective when done online. For example, online registration software makes it extremely easy to build a custom online event form with a unique link where members and prospective members can sign up and pay securely online.


Market in multiple spots — again and again!


Marketing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In other words, there are many grassroots and inexpensive ways to promote your special offer and/or event. Here’s a list of 16 to get your started. Above all, remember: repetition is key!

1. Firstly, create an event on Facebook

2. Secondly, post the event on your website

3. Thirdly, post the event on your member portal home page

4. Fourthly, submit the event information to local events calendars and websites

5. Next, utilize community sites like NextDoor and Patch

6. In addition, include an announcement in your member newsletter

7. Also, post on your business’ social media pages

8. After that, launch an email marketing campaign

9. Then, promote the event in your email signature

10. Also, add an announcement to your member app

11. Additionally, print a flyer for distribution at your front desk

12. Following that, distribute a flyer throughout your community

13. In addition, post a flyer around your facility

14. After that, send a push notification through your member app

15. Also, ask staff to mention the event at the front desk upon check-in

16. Lastly, ask instructors to mention the event to members at the start and at the end of class


Take Sign-Ups & Payments Online — Instantly!

In conclusion, with Event Manager software by Member Solutions, you can create online registration pages in minutes and take payments online instantly — no merchant account needed.

For example, martial arts and fitness businesses use Event Manager software for:

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