Driving Online Sales with Member Portal Marketplace

It shouldn’t come as any surprise: online shopping is surging. COVID-19 lockdowns made many of the in-person shopping methods we all used for years an impossibility.

With people spending more time online, making more online purchases, it’s now rare to find a day where an Amazon or DoorDash delivery doesn’t make an appearance at a household or business.

In other words, online shopping is part of our everyday.

43% of shoppers now feel more positive about shopping online. Almost 40% of consumers report they’re more comfortable with digital technology than before lockdown (Wunderman Thompson Commerce).

Not only are people shopping more online, the value of their order is climbing, too.

The average items per order increased by 60% during the COVID-19 outbreak (Contact Pigeon).

Now is the time

To make the most of this trend, and give yourself an additional revenue stream, now is the time to invest in an online store for your martial arts and fitness business. And, if you’re a Member Manager software user, you’re more than halfway to the finish line!

Recently, we released enhancements to the Member Portal within Member Manager software. One of those enhancements, the Marketplace, serves as your online store, hosted in the one-stop hub your members are already accustomed to using: the Member Portal.

The new Marketplace completely reorganizes the online store for an enhanced online shopping experience. Members can now choose between products, services, and packages, do a keyword search across all categories, and easily add items to their cart.

Not only is the new Marketplace enhanced from the member’s perspective, it’s incredibly easy for schools and gyms to upload product inventory, packages, and services — and start selling right away.

Setting up the Marketplace

In Member Manager software, you now have the option to set up items for purchase in the Marketplace or set up the item to be sold only from the Member Manager point of sale.

To add products to your Marketplace, go to Setup > Inventory > Items > Add Item. Click “allowed for store”. You can also upload an image of the item.

You’ll repeat this step for each product, service, and package that you want to sell in the Marketplace. Here’s an example of what a school or gym’s Marketplace would look like.

Tell members about it

Once you launch the Marketplace, it’s important to get the word out to make members aware of the new online store and help drive sales. Consider these steps:

  • Send an email announcement to members
  • Ask staff to mention the new Marketplace at the front desk upon check-in
  • Ask instructors to mention the new Marketplace to members at the start or at the end of class
  • Include an announcement in your member newsletter
  • Post on social media with a link to the Member Portal
  • Add a special announcement to the MemberAssist member app
  • Print a flyer for distribution at your front desk
  • Post a flyer or poster around your facility announcing the Member Portal Marketplace
  • Send a push notification about the Marketplace through the MemberAssist member app

Don’t forget! Utilize promo codes to drive online sales

Including a promo code with a sale or an exclusive offer to members is a great way to incentivize members to buy. Promo codes are especially effective if you tie an expiration date to it to create a sense of urgency.

To help drive sales, Member Portal makes it easy to set up promo codes to include with your special offers. Simply include the promo code in your communications regarding the special offer or product sale. Upon checkout in the Marketplace, members will have the ability to apply a promo code to their order and receive a discount.

One central hub, constant value

Using a portal has always been a great way to continually deliver value to your members. After all, you give your members everything they need in one spot to manage their account and interact with your facility. It’s the ultimate in convenience.

Now you can take that value even further by enabling your members to shop online easily from the comfort of their homes, while also driving more revenue to your business. 

Have questions about Member Portal or recent enhancements made to Member Manager software? Reach out to us at any time at clientsuccess@membersolutions.com.

Missed the webinar on Member Portal? Catch the replay here: Driving Online Sales & Revenue with Member Portal.

7 Ways to Master Operational Efficiency During the Pandemic (& Get More Time Back for Teaching)

You want to focus on teaching.  

Your passion.  

The reason you opened your martial arts school or fitness gym in the first place.  

But it keeps happening. Again. And again.  

Scheduling. Billing. Marketing. Lead follow-up. They take you off course. Out of the classroom. Off the mat. Away from doing what you love.  

But you can’t neglect them. These tasks must be taken care of. You must take care of business to keep the business going. 

Fortunately, like a superhero that swoops in to save the day, there are tools that can save you from tons of time-draining admin work — and get your school or gym running like clockwork

1. Add aOnline Class Schedule to Your Website & Member App

Having real-time, online class schedule hosted on your website and available through your member app gives your members everything they need on one screen in one place. This translates into less administrative tasks and phone time for you, along with convenience and a better experience for your members.  

Plus, because the schedule is online and dynamic — not static — when you need to make updates to your class schedule, doing so doesn’t require tons of time on your part to get the word out 

When using a software like Member Manager softwareschedule changes are automatically reflected on your school or gym’s website — and in the member mobile app — as soon as you make them. 

That means your members always have the most current info on classes, dates, times, and instructors at their fingertips — and can easily book their spot in class through the app and through your website. It’s easy for you. Simple for members. 

2. ActivatClass Capacity to Manage Class Limits

In this pandemic world, you’re running more classes than ever. On top of that, you need to cap classes at a certain set number based on room size to ensure proper physical distancing. Activating class capacity management ensures you don’t exceed the allowed number of spots in class.  

When setting up a class on the schedule in software like Member Manager software, you simply fill in the number of spots available for the class and that info automatically shows on your online class schedule on your website and in the member app. When a member registers for class, the number of spots left updates automatically in real-time.  

Using software takes care of class capacity management for you, so you don’t have to track it manually, and you can rest easy knowing you’re adhering to COVID-19 class capacity requirements. 

3. Enable Waitlisting to Keep Classes Filled

Automated waitlisting is great because it helps to ensure open spots in class get filled.  

In Member Manager software, when setting up a class, you have the option for automatic waitlisting. As with class capacity, you simply enter the capacity allowed to be waitlisted into the “Waitlist Capacity” field. 

If a class reaches maximum capacity, members will be shown the option to be added to a waitlist. If a scheduled member cancels their class registration, the software will automatically email everyone on the waitlist to inform them that a spot in class is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Add Automated Text Messaging to Your Marketing Mix

Did you know that text messages have a whopping 97% read rate within 15 minutes of delivery? And over 50% of text campaigns generate a positive return on investment, when combined with email and social media? 

Sending text messages to your members is the perfect companion tool to your email marketing and social media efforts to help strengthen communication and connection with members.  

With Member Manager software, you can send mass text messages to students, members, and leads. Popular uses for text messaging include lead follow-up, exclusive member offers, renewal reminders, and new program notices. 

5. Automate your lead follow-up

You know that fortune lies in the follow-up, but still, you can’t sit by the computer monitoring leads every second. You’ve got classes to teach.  

That’s where automated lead follow-up comes in. With Member Manager software, as soon as a lead enters the software, a workflow is activated. Leads automatically receive follow-up text messages, email communications, or a mix of both set at pre-determined times by you. 

The follow-up is immediate and moves the lead toward a trial or intro class. 

What about getting lead info into the software in the first placeMember Manager software comes with online lead forms that integrate with your website — saving you from entering leads by hand.

6. Give members an app  

An effortless way to keep your members engaged and communication strong is through a member app. The MemberAssist mobile app comes with retention-building tools like in-app notifications for exclusive offers and events, social media integration, and photo galleries.  

On the administrative side, getting the latest class info to members is a cinch. As soon as you make a schedule update in the software, the updated schedule is reflected in the member app where members can easily book a spot in class through their phone.  

Bonus benefitCheck-in is quick, clean, and contactless with the member app. Members scan a barcode on their phone upon check-in. This contactless check-in eliminates the hand-to-hand exchange of membership cards and key tags. 

7. Put a billing team in your corner

If billing and invoicing in-house isn’t working, and is taking up tons of your time, consider outsourcing your payment recovery efforts to a team of managed billing professionals. By outsourcing, you give yourself and your staff more time to focus on your business and its members, all while enjoying a healthier bottom line. (On average, schools and gyms recover up to 15% more revenue and experience significantly lower delinquency rates with Member Solutions billing team in place.)

A statistic you cannot ignore

We crunched the numbers and found that Member Manager software’s automation saves businesses an average of 10 HOURS A WEEK! That’s like gaining a part-time staff member. 

Imagine how much smoother your school or gym would run with these tools in place. How much more relaxed and at ease you’d feel. How excited you’d be about your business and your newfound time to teach more classes and train more students and members. 

If you’re not using Member Manager software, it’s certainly worth taking a quick peek. Grab a 30-minute session with one of our Client Success Managers. We’ll gladly walk you through the software and show you exactly how it’ll add hours back in your day and help your business run more efficiently.  

Elevating the Member Experience & Online Sales through Member Portal Enhancements

Think back to Fall of 2019, and…Woah, the way you do business certainly has changed!

Offerings that were previously taboo to the martial arts industry like virtual classes through Zoom, online parent-instructor enrollment conferences, virtual belt testings — they’re now all part of your day-to-day.

What else has changed over the past year? Consumer behavior, experience, and expectations. With this, you had to pivot your business model to accommodate this level of consumerism for your members.  

Your members are now participating in classes virtually.

They’re interacting with you and your staff online.

They’re reserving spots ahead of time for in-person training.

And when they’re not working out or participating in class, they’re spending more time browsing their social media newsfeeds … more time making purchases online … more time enjoying (and expecting) quick and convenient doorstep service from businesses like Amazon and DoorDash.

Major Enhancements Coming to the Member Portal 

To help you meet the needs of your members — and prospective members — in this increasingly instant and digital world, we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing several major enhancements to the table.

With the upcoming software release, the online store, along with the online enrollment/renewal tools within Member Manager software, will be completely redesigned to elevate your members’ experience, and help your business boost its online sales.

What’s in “Store”?

The new Marketplace will completely reorganize the online store for an enhanced online shopping experience. Members will be able to choose between products, services, and packages, do a keyword search across all categories, and easily add items to their cart.

If an item is out of stock, the ability to adjust the quantity and add to cart is hidden and replaced by an “Out of Stock” label — making it easier for you to manage inventory and demand. 

Within the Marketplace, members can also purchase services and packages like a group of private lessons — and select a member for that service or package from a drop-down menu.

Promo Codes & Payment

Sending a promo code to your members or a select group of members is a great way to promote exclusivity and drive online sales — especially during the holiday shopping season.

With the Marketplace, members will have the ability to add a promo code prior to checkout to receive a discount on their purchase. 

Online Enrollment & Renewal Tools

If your members are participating in classes virtually, chances are not all members are available in-person to sign paper enrollment forms.

The new online enrollment and renewal process will take care of this — making it easy for your members and prospective members to quickly renew or activate a membership from the comfort of their homes. 

Upon clicking the Join Now button, members will be directed through a few simple steps to identify who the membership is for, enter their payment method for recurring billing, review their membership terms, and finally complete the enrollment process by signing on the dotted line.

Coming Soon to the Member Portal

Using a member portal has always been a great way to continually deliver value, build community, increase engagement, and drive online sales among your member base.

Now, we can’t wait to take the Member Portal even further.  

We look forward to bringing these new enhancements to you to boost your membership and product sales and elevate the member experience even more.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Client Success Team at any time.

5 Ways to Proactively Prevent Late Member Payments

You’re familiar with members not paying on time. And even familiar with non-payments. And, like most small business owners, you’re all-too familiar with that no-good feeling — that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you have to ask a member for payment.

The issue’s even more compounded these days with the pandemic. Times are tough. Members have lost their jobs. Families are struggling to make ends meet. So, how can you possibly ask a member for money knowing they’re going through a rough time?

Fortunately, there are ways you can proactively prevent late payments and proactively build safeguards into your invoicing process to make collecting payments effective, and keep your cash flow healthy. Here are 5 ways:

1. Review the Expiring Credit Cards Report on a monthly basis

Make it a monthly habit to run the Expiring Credit Cards Report in your member management software. If you’re using Member Manager software by Member Solutions, you’ll find this report in the Top Reports section on the Dashboard.

Run the report once a month, then proactively reach out to your members to obtain their new expiration date.

IMPORTANT! Don’t forget — Any changes to existing profiles or additions of new profiles now require the CVV2 code to comply with Visa’s new card-not-present mandate.

2. Automate recurring member payments

Automating monthly member payments through your member management software is one of the easiest and best ways to prevent late payments. Not only will auto-payments ensure consistent, predictable payments to you, members will appreciate that auto-payments are faster and more convenient for them. Members on auto-payment won’t have to keep track of their payment due date, and they’ll have one less task to handle each month. 

If you’re using Member Manager software by Member Solutions, you can choose to have the software automatically process scheduled payments daily. To turn this feature on or off easily, go to Setup > Settings > Club Settings, then check or uncheck “Auto-process Scheduled Payments”.

3. Send the Automated Invoice Email one week prior to payment due date

For members not set up on auto-payment, we recommend using the Automated Invoice Email in the Member Manager software message center. You can set this email to send automatically based on the member’s payment due date. The invoice will be attached to the email at the time of sending. We recommend setting the Automated Invoice Email one week prior to the member’s payment due date to give members ample notice and help prevent late member payments. 

4. Establish a clear collections process from the get-go

All studios need to have a clear collections process to ensure the financial health of their business. Make sure your member agreements include clear terms about the member’s responsibility to pay. It’s a good practice to review the payment amounts, due dates, and the membership duration with the member and have them sign off on the information, so that clear expectations are set.

In addition, at the time of signing the membership agreement, be sure to collect as much contact information as possible from each member, so that it is easy to get a hold of members should there be any payment issues. That includes the member’s mobile phone number, their email address, their workplace address, and their physical mailing address. This makes it easier to reach out through multiple channels to connect with your members.

5. When all else fails, delegate to an expert

No doubt, collecting late payments from members successfully, without damaging the relationship in the process, is a challenge. To truly be successful, appoint a dedicated staff member who is responsible for tracking late payments and recovering payments — a person who owns the task and reports on progress regularly.

If billing and invoicing in-house isn’t working, consider outsourcing your payment recovery efforts to a team of managed billing professionals to bypass the awkward asks and eliminate the complicated follow-up process altogether. By outsourcing, you also give yourself and your staff more time to focus on your business and its members, all while enjoying a healthier bottom line.

At Member Solutions, we have nearly 30 years of experience in professionally recovering payments, in-depth understanding of the payment processing business, and are better able to troubleshoot issues with failed credit card payments or delinquency. Think of us as an extension of your business. Your billing team. Your financial counselor who wants to help alleviate some the strains money puts on your member relationships.

It pays to be proactive!

A small change can often make a big difference. Put these proactive measures in place at your studio, and you’ll soon see your late member payments shrink and on-time member payments grow.

If you have any questions about the software, its features, or would like additional details about our full-service billing solution, give us a call at 888.277.4409 or book a time here with one of our Client Success Managers. We’re here and happy to help!

1 Easy & Effective Way to Deliver Value to Members on a Recurring Basis

Remember March 2020?

Your state went on lockdown.

Your business temporarily closed.

But, you, being the rock star you are, quickly rose to the occasion.

You pivoted your business from in-person classes to online. You learned new video conferencing technology. You didn’t skip a beat.

You kept delivering value to your members — amid a pandemic.

We don’t need to tell you about the importance of delivering value to your members. You got that down.

Here, we want to share a quick, yet effective, way to keep the member value train going. One that leverages the virtual class offering you’ve worked so hard to build these past few months.

A Quick Win Using Something You Already Have

A massive silver lining coming out of the move to virtual classes is the ability to build your content library quickly. You’re already teaching classes and you have those classes recorded.

Now it’s time to share the classes to provide ongoing value to your members — and get the most use out of your videos.

One of the best ways to do that is through a member portal.

Sure, you’ve likely shared your videos on YouTube and Facebook, but by building up your member portal, you’ll create a Center of Value for your members that drives member engagement and retention, and helps set you apart.

Adding Video to Your Member Portal

“If you build it, they will come (back).”

Most member management software provides a member portal where members can view and pay their bill,  manage their member account, reserve their spot in class, complete online waivers. 

To go beyond that, and build up your member portal with your amazing video content, start by adding a custom tab to your member portal.

In Member Manager software, it’s easy.

Log in to Member Manager, then go to:

Setup > Personalize > Custom Tabs > Add Custom Tab

From there, fill in the fields:

Name: We suggest ‘Online Training’ or ‘Virtual Training’

Type: Select ‘HTML Supported’

HTML Supported Content: Type in your description (example: All Belts Kids, Teens, & Adults Virtual Training)

After your description, drop in the embed code from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or whatever video-sharing platform you use.

After the Upload

Now that you’ve added your virtual class recordings to your member portal, tell your members about it!

*  Blog about it.

*  Add a banner to your website.

*  Share it on social media.

*  Add it to your newsletter.

*  Send an email to members.

Let members know that you’re continuing to add value to their membership. Spotlight specific, popular classes. Encourage members to check back as you add more and more videos to the portal.

Final Words

In today’s environment, a quality member experience is more important than ever to strengthen member retention and help members feel they’re part of their fitness family once again.

Use this simple, yet effective, tip to deliver value on a recurring basis, and make your member experience stand out.  

We’re here for you


Need 1:1 guidance? Book a 30-minute session with your Client Success Manager.

For more tools, templates, strategy guides, and resources to drive member engagement and business growth amid COVID-19, visit our Business Resource Page. Be sure to bookmark the page, too; we’ll continue adding resources as they become available.

In this together

Event Registration Software on Laptop Tablet and Phone

Now’s the time to leverage the member management tools we can put at your fingertips!

To help you out, we’re offering Member Manager software for a full 30 days for just $1. Grab a 1:1 session with your Client Success Manager here to review software and member app options. 

[Webinar] Getting Back to In-Person Training & Filling Classes Effortlessly

If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s this:

The businesses that determinedly adapt to new ways of operating are the businesses that will advance successfully through a pandemic or whatever comes their way.

In other words, now is the time.

As you begin to resume in-person training, or plan for your studio’s reopening, it’s time to make the shift — to adapt to new ways of operating in order to thrive in today’s environment and successfully comply with physical distancing regulations.

Join our webinar — Thursday, June 18 at 1 pm ET — to learn the essentials of member management that work for martial arts and fitness studios — and, get insider tips and tools that’ll get your classes filled and your business running like clockwork.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate the passing of paper with all-online registration and waivers for new member sign-ups
  • Instantly respond to leads (and keep them engaged and interested) through done-for-you templates and automated emails
  • Manage class capacities, waitlists, and schedule changes with ease, while supporting your new COVID-19 physical distancing protocol
  • Enable contactless check-in, pre-registration, and notifications through a member app to maximize engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty

    If you can’t attend the webinar, register anyway. We’ll send you an on-demand link, so you can check it out anytime.

    Register here. We look forward to seeing you!

We’re here for you


Need 1:1 guidance? Book a 30-minute session with your Client Success Manager.

For more tools, templates, strategy guides, and resources to drive member engagement and business growth amid COVID-19, visit our Business Resource Page. Be sure to bookmark the page, too; we’ll continue adding resources as they become available.

In this together

Event Registration Software on Laptop Tablet and Phone

Now’s the time to leverage the member management tools we can put at your fingertips!

To help you out, we’re offering Member Manager software for a full 30 days for just $1. Grab a 1:1 session with your Client Success Manager here to review software and member app options. 

Managing Martial Arts Classes: 3 Tools to Support Your New Coronavirus Safety Measures

If you’re getting ready to resume in-person training, your head is likely spinning with questions like:

How will I maintain smaller class sizes?

How will I make the process as simple as possible for members to register for classes?

How will I eliminate the hand-to-hand exchange of membership cards and key tags during check-in?

Here we cover 3 tools within our software and app that take the headache out of class management and, at the same time, support the implementation of new coronavirus safety measures you put in place at your facility.

1. Class Capacity

Setting class capacity helps you:

  • Cap classes at a certain set number based on room size
  • Allow access to the class on a first-come, first-served basis

How to Set Class Capacities in Member Manager Software

To add a class to your facility’s schedule is extremely easy. Simply click on the time slot on the schedule that you want the class to begin on, such as 6 pm.  

Within each class screen, you can set details: such as class capacity, waitlist capacity, and instructor.

Enter your maximum class capacity for the class into the “Class Capacity” field. The spots available will be included on your website’s class schedule automatically.

When someone registers for a class online, the number of spots left will update in real-time. 

2. Waitlists

Activating waitlists helps you:

  • Ensure classes are filled
  • Track the demand for specific classes
  • Better manage your class schedule and offerings

How to Activate Waitlists in Member Manager Software

The class screen within Member Manager software also includes automatic waitlist functionality. Simply enter the capacity allowed to be waitlisted into the “Waitlist Capacity” field.

If a class reaches maximum capacity, members will be shown the option to be added to a waitlist. If a scheduled member cancels their class registration, the software will automatically email the member on the waitlist to inform them that a spot has opened and provide a link to register for the class.

3. Contactless Check-In

Enabling contactless check-in helps you:

  • Eliminate the hand-to-hand exchange of membership cards and key tags
  • Make the check-in process quicker, more efficient, and sanitary

How to Enable Contactless Check-In through the MemberAssist App

Though only one part of the MemberAssist App, the electronic Member ID is an extremely convenient and popular function among our users. An electronic barcode that is stored within the member app on your member’s phone acts as your member’s virtual membership card.

Members simply click on the barcode tile to access their electronic barcode, scan the barcode when entering your facility, and their check-in is complete. All the check-in information syncs with the Member Manager software database.

With the app, members can also:

  • Access your class schedule and book classes directly from the app
  • Update their social media status based upon a class booking
  • Receive “push notifications” to be immediately updated on schedule changes, facility news, class availability, and promotions
  • Add classes booked directly to their smartphone calendar

We’re here for you

If you have questions regarding managing class size or enabling contactless check-in through our app, feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager at any time.

Need 1:1 guidance? Book a 30-minute session with your Client Success Manager.

For more tools, templates, strategy guides, and resources to drive member engagement and business growth amid COVID-19, visit our Business Resource Page. Be sure to bookmark the page, too; we’ll continue adding resources as they become available.

In this together

Event Registration Software on Laptop Tablet and PhoneGetting ready to resume in-person training? Need to take registrations online to limit your class size?

Now’s the time to leverage the member management tools we can put at your fingertips!

To help you out, we’re offering Member Manager software for a full 30 days for just $1. Grab a 1:1 session with your Client Success Manager here to review software and member app options. 

After the Birthday Party: A Follow-Up Formula that Turns Leads Into Students

Birthday party event registration and planning

The #1 and #2 reasons for offering any event at your school are retention and new memberships. In last week’s post, I provided tips to help you get your birthday party program off the ground.

In this post, I’ll cover our follow-up system in detail to help you gain those new potential memberships that can result from hosting birthday parties. Keep in mind that you can use this system as a base for follow-up for any of your events—not just birthday parties—with a few minor changes.

Step 1

At the end of the party, all of the guests are handed a VIP pass, which entitles them to one free introductory lesson with the owner of the studio (me). They must call or email me for an appointment. I had 1,000 cards printed for less than $50 through VistaPrint.

Step 2

After each party, I upload all of the event registrations to an Excel file and enter all hard copy information into the same file. I then save it and tag it as “GB attended an event” (GB for Giroux Bros.) and put into my martial arts management software offered through Member Solutions.

As soon as this information is transferred, they receive an automated, personalized email from me that looks something like this:

Hi Mary,

I see that your child attended an event at the studio this weekend, and I heard that all the kids had a blast!

The instructors should have handed you a VIP Pass for a free introductory lesson. I wanted to follow up to see if you were interested in scheduling one with me this week or next.

I will give you a call in a few days as well to set one up for you.

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you and your family soon!


Steve Giroux

Owner | 7th Degree Black Belt

Step 3

I take 10 or 15 minutes to enter all the leads into my cell phone and mark them accordingly to have quick access to the information when I call. An example is Bday217 | Mary | Joey and Lexi 7 and 8.

Mary is the mother listed with the child or childrens names and ages.

To help with my own time management, I make these calls during my commute. I’ve had the most success reaching people during the late morning to early afternoon timeframe while the kids are in school.

If I don’t reach them live, I leave a voicemail. I only call them once unless a call back is requested.

At the end of the week, another automated email is sent, which looks something like this:

Hi Mary,

I’ve been trying to reach you. I wanted to see if you were interested in coming in for your free trial lesson. I still have a few spots available next week. If you are interested, please give me a call.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Steve Giroux

Owner | 7th Degree Black Belt

Step 4

Although these leads are warm, remember that they haven’t specifically asked for any information. They’ve simply attended an event at our studio and hopefully had a great time.

If my initial attempts haven’t sparked a response, I put them into my drip system.

Within the member management software, I tag them as Children Program Prospects 2015. They will receive a series of seven informational emails, automatically-timed, three weeks from one another as a result. The emails are in a newsletter format and discuss topics such as listening skills, bullying, ADD, and ADHD to name a few. I also include these prospects in my direct mail campaigns that I launch three to four times a year.

I hope this information has been helpful. If anyone has questions on hosting birthday parties in your martial arts school or setting up a lead follow-up program, please don’t hesitate to ask. As always, I’m happy to help.

About the author: Steve Giroux has been training in martial arts for 30 years and is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Chun Kuk Do. In 1999, he graduated from Bentley College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy with a minor concentration in Law. After founding his studio in January of 1999, Steve has successfully grown revenues over the years after starting at only $7,000 in his first year. You can contact Steve via email at Steve@GirouxBrosMartialArts.com.

What You Need to Know to Increase Leads and Membership Sales

Membership software dashboard on laptop with mobile device and notebook on white office desk

If your members are the lifeblood of your business (and they should be), then tracking their behavior is what keeps the blood pumping.

Being able to regularly and systematically track, assess, and triage weak spots in your membership strategy will not only keep your business running smoothly, but it also will spotlight areas of opportunity to grow even further.

Here’s what you need to know to generate leads and drive more membership sales:

Know Your Lead Count and Lead Status

The beginning of the year is one of the busiest and most critical times in the fitness industry. For a multitude of reasons, people are flocking to your facility en masse. You need to be equipped to accommodate these prospective clients to make sure no one slips through the cracks.

Utilizing the lead management functionality in our member management software will allow you to:

  • Gather and store prospects’ contact information
  • Track prospects’ areas of interest
  • Assign follow-up actions for you and/or your staff
  • Automate email messages to engage potential members after the initial inquiry

Through your software, you can see exactly how many inquiries came through your door, how many prospects converted to full members, and how many you still need to follow up with.

Know What Marketing Channels Work

What kind of marketing actually produces leads for you? This question can be answered by your member management software as well. Make sure to assign each lead a source, such as “website,” “walk-in,” “Facebook,” or “referral.”

The lead source data will tell you if that ad in the newspaper is driving any leads or if your marketing efforts are better served on Facebook advertising. Knowing this, you can appropriately allocate marketing dollars to what works and stop spending money on what doesn’t.

Know Your Conversion and Membership Sales Numbers

Maybe you are doing well with bringing in leads but lack conversions and new members. In this case, you’ll want to pinpoint the piece (or person) in your sales process that needs improvement or re-training.

The Lead Activity Report in our member management software will show a list of prospects and where they are in the sales process. The report also will show which program they chose if they did enroll.

If you find that you lose one or two out of ten sales, you may have encountered some tough prospects. If you lose eight out of ten, then it may be time to reconsider your value proposition and how your team presents it.

Make Reporting Part of Your Daily Routine

In addition to making the entry of key data a part of your business process, you need to make the management of this data a part of your daily routine. I recommend running the End of Day Report (an overview of your sales from the previous day, including what was sold and how much was charged) and the Lead Activity Report every day.

A good rule of thumb: Pick three to four reports that are important to your business. Run them every morning as soon as you turn the lights on. You’ll start every day with clear insight into what you need to make and keep your business successful.

These are just a few examples to show the impact that keeping close track of your stats can have on your business. Without tracking these numbers, it’s all too easy to bury your head in the sand and hope the problem goes away; something no business, regardless of industry, can afford to do.

Automate Sales Reporting with Member Management Software

Whether you’re just getting started or you want to fine-tune your existing process, member management software gives you a shortcut to uncovering vital data about your prospects and members. Pre-set fields will encourage you to collect the information you need, while automatic reports make it easy to create good data habits.

Find out what Member Solutions software can do for you. Chat with an expert today.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Accelerate Membership Business Efficiency

Because it’s Spring, many of you are thinking of ways to cut clutter in your homes and businesses. For your Martial Arts or Fitness business, Spring cleaning involves more than just dusting off old filing cabinets. You need to make improvements to your organizational system that will benefit your business all year long.

Here are some quick tips for eliminating clutter and getting your business running efficiently:

1. Put Your Class Schedule Online

Switching to online scheduling will benefit you and your members. Most people would prefer to get information on your classes from their smartphones. Not to mention, you’ll save yourself a bundle in printing, especially if your schedule changes frequently.

So, how do you get your schedule online? The process is actually pretty simple for business owners using our member management software. Member Manager includes a scheduling widget that allows you to publish your events, classes and training schedules directly to your website.

Schedules are easy to keep up to date too. Say you have to add or cancel a class – just go into the software, adjust your schedule and changes made are instantly reflected on your website.

2. Take Your Event Registrations Online

Spring is a great time to host events but is your registration process holding you back from doing more? If you’re juggling paper registration forms, printed liability waivers and permission slips, odds are, you’re wasting time deciphering illegible handwriting on paper forms and re-entering information into spreadsheets. Not to mention, you’re likely missing out on sign-ups for your events by not marketing them online.

Try putting event registration forms online to streamline the process and get the word out quickly about your events. Use an online registration tool like Event Manager to convert your paper form into an online registration page. Capture any information you need through the registration process – age, experience level, t-shirt size, etc. – and view your registration data any time.

3. Turn Older Inventory into Freebies for Event Registrants

Take a look at your inventory to see what hasn’t been moving. Maybe you have leftover T-shirts or another giveaway from a previous marketing campaign or event. To use them up, you can offer these items as free gifts to people who register for your next event.

Everybody likes getting free stuff, and you can use the gift to incentivize early registration. Announcing that you’re giving the freebie to the first (x amount of) sign-ups creates urgency and provides extra motivation to register. Plus, you can get rid of that box of T-shirts you forgot you had.

4. Have Members Sign Contracts with their Finger

Going paperless is a great way to de-clutter. Thanks to a recent enhancement to Member Manager, you can now go paperless with your membership contracts. Simply have your members sign with their finger or stylus on a phone, tablet or other touchscreen device. The completed contract, along with the signature, will be saved to your myVolo account.

5. Take Time to Organize as You Go

Ever find yourself wondering how you got into this mess in the first place? Spring cleaning would be a lot easier if you had a solid organizational system you could use all year.

As entrepreneurs and managers, you need tools to help you run your business efficiently. Our Member Manager software is a great solution for managing all your routine admin tasks from one place. With this one piece of software, you can capture, track and manage leads, send emails and text messages to members to keep them in the know, have members book online in real-time, sell products and services online 24/7 and more. Not to mention, you can also integrate Member Manager with other systems – like our full-service billing and payment process solution.

Now’s the time to simplify, de-clutter and get organized. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to run and grow your Martial Arts or Fitness business.

For more information on Member Manager or Event Manager, contact the Training and Support team at 877.600.3811 or support@membersolutions.com.

About the author: Justin Bodamer is the Manager of Implementation & Support for Member Solutions. The Implementation and Support team is dedicated to helping you and your team make the most of your relationship with Member Solutions. You can contact Justin at membersolutions@membersolutions.com.