5 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Business’ Grand Opening Event

Client Question: I am opening a new business soon. Can you provide some ideas to drive traffic to my business on our Grand Opening day?

Chances are good that you have invested a lot of money into starting your new business. Here I’ll provide some low-budget ideas for a Grand Opening celebration.

1) Rent an inflatable jumpy or bouncy to place in front of your business.

If you don’t have a front lawn, rent a sky tube. Also add balloons, yard signs and gigantic banners out front that read “Grand Opening” – anything that will make people look at your location. Use your connections too. Know someone that owns a hot rod, race car, or chopper? See if they’ll let you borrow it. Place it out front to draw attention.

2) Offer free hot dogs and sodas throughout your Grand Opening event.

Have visitors go inside your Martial Arts school or gym to get a coupon for the free food. In order to get the coupon, have them fill out an info card.

3) Create Grand Opening postcards or flyers.

Donate $250 to your local high school football, soccer, baseball or basketball teams. In return, ask them to put the postcards or flyers out in the neighborhood they live in. This is an easy way to get cards out for little to no money. It’s also a win-win for you and your local schools and sports teams. They need money too and will appreciate your donation.

4) Have hourly giveaways – gift cards to local restaurants and movie theaters.

Give something away every hour. Have visitors fill out an info card to enter the drawing for the prizes. Make sure you keep their information and enter it into your member management software so you can follow up with them about joining your Martial Arts school or gym.

5) Giveaway T-shirts with your business name and logo.

Drive around to local businesses, parks, and supermarkets. Invite the people you talk to into class. Have an appointment book on hand. Make sure they know about the Grand Opening celebration.

Remember that your Grand Opening doesn’t have to be just a one-day/evening event. Make the most of your new business opening. Consider running a one or two-week celebration to keep the excitement and momentum going.

Hope this helps,


Chuck Heacock is the owner of the Fitness Compound, a training facility that provides unparalleled fitness activities including Martial Arts classes, special boot camps, personal training, baseball, basketball, spinning, Zumba, cardio and more. Chuck is also a sought-after fitness industry consultant and a member of the Member Solutions Martial Arts Business Advisory Team.

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