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Find the freedom to make a bigger impact with our martial arts billing services.

How Billing Services Benefit Your Martial Arts Business

Consistent Cash Flow Icon
Consistent Cash Flow
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Better Member Relationships
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Grow Renewals & Referrals
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Strong Financial Management
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Uncompromised Security
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Reliable Cash Flow to Fund Growth

Recovering just 1 monthly payment of $125 results in $1,500 in extra annual revenue.

Tired of waiting on money that’s owed to your business? Personal outreach is more effective for collecting payments than automation alone, and because members respond more positively to one-on-one communication, you’ll enjoy improved retention month after month.

The bottom line? More on-time payments to grow your business. 

Better Member Relationships

Skip the awkward conversations about missed payments and billing policies. Instead, focus on being the boss, mentor, and martial arts teacher you were meant to be.

Our customer service agents are trained to listen to your members’ concerns, to help them understand your policies, and to resolve payment problems quickly and calmly. 

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Save Time & Money

Outsourcing billing saves staff members time, which allows you to reduce expenses and spend your hard-earned dollars more effectively. When you’re not distracted by billing and collections tasks, your team can focus on growing your martial arts community.


Saving just 5 hours/week on billing and collections will save your business $3,900/year. 

More Renewals & Referrals

You already offer topnotch martial arts training. Give your members the full package by supporting their financial needs.

In addition to improving relationships, billing services help you eliminate a significant source of unwanted member cancellations: credit card declines. We keep an eye on soon-to-expire credit cards and follow up on declined payments to keep members active for longer.

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Better Financial Management

Feel more confident than ever about your financial future. As a Member Solutions’ billing client, you’ll enjoy 15% more revenue and lower delinquency rates than businesses that rely solely on billing software.

You’ll be amazed by how quickly partnering with a billing company will improve your bottom line.

Our Martial Arts Billing Services Include All You Need to Grow

Membership Dues Collection icon

Membership Billing & Payment Collection

Gain confidence in your cash flow forecasts each month. Our billing services team handles late payment collection while you concentrate on building your martial arts community. Learn More »

Credit Card Payment Processing icon

EFT & Credit Card Processing

You’ll never have to worry about losing money on excessive credit card processing rates again. We use our financial savvy to help you secure the lowest rates.

Plus, we help you maximize earnings by reviewing your pricing and member payment methods. Learn More »

Online Member Portal icon

Online Member Portal & Live Support

Members can make payments, update contact details, and request billing services 24/7 through our intuitive online member portal and automated phone system. Not to mention, our friendly customer service experts are always a phone call away.

You’ll know your members are getting the best care, no matter how they choose to get in touch. Learn More »

Membership Contracts icon

Membership Contract Management

Keep track of renewals, freeze requests, cancellations, billing detail changes, and financial transactions like chargebacks and refunds. We’ll make sure your member accounts are handled according to the terms of your membership agreements and billing policies. Learn More »

Financial Reporting

Make smart, data-based financial decisions for your martial arts school. Reports on active contracts, recurring revenue, renewals, and accounts receivable give you a clear picture of your studio’s financial health. Easily analyze data to pinpoint areas for improvement and to plan your growth. Learn More »
Dates & Scheduling Software icon

Flexible Payment Dates

Create a customized payment schedule to fit your needs. Set your own payment dates and billing frequencies for members. Our flexible deposit schedule provides predictable, consistent cash flow. You’ll always have access to your money when you need it. Learn More »

Data Security

What does PCI Level 1 certification mean to you? It means we adhere to the strictest security regulations, so you can trust us to keep your members’ financial transactions safe and secure.

Learn More »

We’re Dedicated to Supporting You and Your Martial Arts Community

Use our billing services to strengthen the relationships that drive your business growth.
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Custom Service Plans
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Live Chat & Phone Support
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One-on-one Training
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Automatic Alerts
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No Hidden Fees

Experience the Freedom to Grow with our Billing Services

When you partner with Member Solutions, you join a full team of billing experts and outstanding customer service providers. Our services allow you to spend more time growing the business you’ve worked so hard to create.
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We Offer a Complete Martial Arts Business Management Solution

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Martial Arts Software

Have a daily routine? Automate it with software. Get easy access to scheduling, attendance tracking, and marketing tools.

Event Registration icon

Event Registration

Plan your next martial arts event with our intuitive online registration software. Easily collect signups, accept payments, and track results. 


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Payment Processing

Want the lowest possible rates? We pass on the savings from our partnerships with industry-leading payment processing providers.

What Our Clients Say

Paul C.

“I like the ease / user friendliness about the software. It is very easy to navigate around to check reports etc. Love the customer care reps that come with it as well. Everyone is very nice and super helpful at Member Solutions. Great team and software!! Member Solutions is always trying to improve and evolve with the times.”

Paul C.

Jeffrey G.

“The software is easy to use. I am not very technical when it comes to computers and the software makes it easy for me to schedule and take one-time and recurring payments. The best part is that they call my delinquent customers for me! I have not made a delinquency call in 6 years as they do it for me.”

Jeffrey G.

Nick P.

“Searching and checking in for families is very easy. The staff is always a pleasure to speak with, very knowledgeable and patient when it comes to explaining things and answering questions for training and every day needs.”

Nick P.

Brett L.

“Easy to use and follow along with. Also they have great training to use the program with great follow up service.”

Brett L.

Chris C.

“Each time I speak with a representative, they are quick to help out and very knowledgeable. Their Premium Package is great. I don’t have to chase down students for payment or declined credit cards. MSI takes care of all of the billing for me, so I can just focus on my school and my students.”

Chris C.

Teresa L.

“I love that I can create events that my members can register for at their convenience. They can register online for events or purchase anytime day or night. My next favorite thing is I can copy and reuse any previous form I have created. This saves a massive amount of time.”

Teresa L.

Brett L.

“We use event manager for internal and external events in our business and it works great. I like the high degree of customizability for the variety of events, we like to put on. I also like that we can add pdf documents and flyers for download.”

Brett L.

Kellie K.

“As a small business we did everything via a phone call. As our business grew we needed a better system! Member Solutions made our life so much easier. I went from using a calendar and handwriting all party details to creating a custom, professional form for my customers to complete.”

Kellie K.

Kaela D.

“I love how this software allows you to promote events for all students. Not only does it keep the student base organized, but it also helps to up sell fun events!”

Kaela D.

Warren C.

“We started using Members Solution four years ago. It has improved our attendance to our basketball clinics, made it easy for campers to register, and saved us time in organizing our events. We have received tremendous feedback from our customers and the costumer service has been outstanding. It is a great value which has improved our business across the board.”

Warren C.
Head Coach

Peter T.

“With Member Solutions, I don’t have to worry about who is paying and who isn’t. I have the time to instruct great classes and build my business to what I want it to be.”

Peter T.
Owner and Chief Instructor

Sal Z.

“I would absolutely recommend Member Solutions to all Martial Arts and Fitness studios out there. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that the financial end of your business is being taken care of.”

Sal Z.
Owner and Senior Master Instructor

George D.

“If you need to collect money, you need to be with Member Solutions. Their full-service billing solution is second to none. My customers are more committed now than ever, which has improved retention for my facility.”

George D.
Owner & Coach

Steve G.

“Member Manager software saves me at least 10 hours a week on the administrative side of running my business. This allows me to focus on more important and productive tasks such as improving my systems and filling the classroom with new and excited white belts.”

Steve G.

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