October 16, 2020

Anti-Bullying Education & Martial Arts: Ideas & Activities for National Bullying Prevention Month & Beyond

Looking for inspiration for anti-bullying-themed events and your martial arts lessons? Here’s a list of ideas and activities to use during National Bullying Prevention Month and beyond:

Participate in Unity Day Wednesday, October 21, 2020

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center created a nationwide event called Unity Day. On this day, everyone is encouraged to wear and share orange in support of bullying prevention.

Firstly, to participate in Unity Day, wear orange on Wednesday, October 21. In addition, encourage your students, parents of students, and staff to wear orange. Secondly, take photos of students, instructors, parents, and your entire staff wearing orange. After that, post the photos to your social media pages. Finally, tag your posts with #UnityDay2020.

Other ways to participate from PACER’s:

Run an anti-bullying education week at your school

Why limit bullying prevention efforts to just one day? Consider running an anti-bullying education-themed week at your school in October or anytime throughout the year.

To start planning out your event check out PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. The website is packed with resources to use as part of your lesson plans and event preparation.

To start, there are free downloadable handouts and information such as this
informational flyer outlining creative resources and outreach activities. Pass these out to parents and adult members to inspire action in the community!

Also be sure to visit the Publications Resource Section for:

  • 1. An 8-page classroom activity book for kids
  • 2. A booklet for parents on how to guide their children through this virtual world
  • 3. A Disney Junior Kindness Kit
  • 4. And more

Incorporate educational videos into your martial arts lessons

Videos have the power to make a message much more memorable and impactful. Knowing this, consider making anti-bullying educational videos part of your martial arts lesson.  

A great place to start is the website, stopbullying.gov/kids. The US Department of Education, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the US Department of Justice filed the site with anti-bullying education, bullying, and cyberbullying prevention videos 

For children, there are 1-2 minute animated videos that help teach kids about bullying through storytelling.

For teen students, you’ll find short, impactful videos on relevant topics of today, such as what to do when online gaming gets mean, what to do if you are cyberbullied, and what to do when no adult is around.

Videos for older kids include a quiz to help retain what they learned. It also helps guide discussion in class after watching the videos.

Host an anti-bullying workshop for your adult members

Bullying isn’t limited to youth. Many adults bully other adults. There’s adult bullying online. Adult bullying in the workplace.

Firstly, consider running an anti-bullying workshop on the topic for your adult members.

Secondly, host the workshop at your school and/or partner with local school districts and organizations to deliver your message to the community, and help get the word out about your martial arts school.

Thirdly, consider hosting the workshop in-person and virtually online. 

A good place to start is our latest webinar with Brett Lechtenberg, Creator of The Anti-Bully Program. He talks about adult bullying, and provides pointers on how to run a successful workshop for your adult students.

You can catch the replay here: How to Combat Adult Bullying & Lead an Effective Anti-Bullying Workshop.

We hope that you can use some or all these ideas and activities within your martial arts lesson and event planning.

Let us know what’s worked for your school

Have a resource to add to the list? A specific anti-bullying course or concept you’ve incorporated into your school’s curriculum?

Let us know! Share your anti-bullying education ideas and tips with us. Comment below or contact Client Services with any questions you might have.

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