Cage Fitness™ vs. Other Fitness Programs

Cage Fitness™ was developed in conjunction with The Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) and nine-time welterweight MMA Champion Matt Hughes. Matt is a huge advocate of health and fitness in general and is very excited about Cage Fitness™ and the success of the program thus far.

The most obvious benefit of Cage Fitness™ is its ability to bring in new members. You will attract new members by having the right to use Matt Hughes’s name and image. It is a huge draw to have a celebrity fighter promoting your school.

Cage Fitness™ also offers a great workout in just 30 minutes. The program achieves this by what is known as interval training. Interval training is basically performing exercises at maximum effort, then slowing down or stopping to rest, then jumping right back into max performance mode, and then rest. With Cage Fitness™, participants repeat these intervals five times through five sets of 5-minute rounds with one minute breaks in between. That’s the interval.

Participants start with a warm-up to increase their heart rate and to get blood flowing to the muscles. They then transition into an upper body round, where they push their upper body muscles and end the round with a ground and pound. This is repeated through a lower body round, cage combo round, and core/cool down round. This interval system gives the participants the maximum calorie-burning potential and helps increase their metabolisms.

All of the interval training is based around a 40-pound patent-pending Cage Fitness™ dummy that adds the element of resistance to the workout. The resistance training is beneficial because not only are participants burning calories, but they also are building lean muscle that will aid in burning calories while at rest and will give them the lean, toned look that is so sought after.

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