The Dos and Don’ts of Business Ethics

Merriam-Webster defines ethics as “the discipline dealing with what is good and bad with moral duty and obligation.” In laymen’s terms, ethics are about doing the right thing when you know nobody is watching.

Ethics need to be high on the list of desirable traits demonstrated by your staff.

While all the staff employed at your business should demonstrate ethical behavior, it is most critical for your front-desk and finance personnel. These employees must be trustworthy and held accountable to the high standards that you set for them.

Your front-desk and finance employees have access to your business management software—which contains your members’ names, social security numbers, addresses, signatures, and credit card numbers. In making an unethical choice, they could cause significant damage to a member’s financial situation that also damages your reputation and business.

An ethics-based workplace all starts with you because as an owner or manager, your staff looks up to you as the mentor. Your behavior is what will be repeated by all, but it’s not just your personal conduct that’s important. You need to instill an ethical environment in your workplace. Here are suggested dos and don’ts.

Meeting with Fitness Team Good business ethics
  • The Dos of Business Ethics:


Firstly, have staff meetings on a regular basis. Talk about desirable behavior and give examples of unethical behavior. Allow the staff to discuss hypothetical situations in which they must make an ethical choice.


Secondly, have an open-door policy and seriously consider all comments and complaints from the staff.


Thirdly, mentor your staff on accepting responsibility and not deflecting blame.


In addition, make sure there are adequate checks and balances within your finance department.

Have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all staff members.


Most importantly, treat your staff in the same ethical way that you expect them to treat your members.


Trust your member’s personal information with Member Solutions. We have been certified as a Level One Service Provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Level One is the highest ranking and carries the most stringent requirements. We set high ethical standards for our employees

Donts of Business Ethics - Boss Talking to Staff

The Don’ts of Business Ethics:


Firstly, don’t put undue pressure on the staff. They may bend under the pressure and turn toward unethical behavior to get the results you are demanding.

Secondly, don’t have a culture of fear or silence.

Thirdly, don’t allow anyone to “pass the buck” or deflect blame for things that are within his or her responsibility.

Displaying ethical behavior will bring your business to new levels. Your staff will be proud to work in such an environment and such pride will be reflected on your members. The respect that your staff has for each other and for the members will be contagious and you will see careers and lives flourish.

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