Member Solutions website design


Introducing the Redesigned Member Solutions Website

We’re finally revealing what we’ve been working on the last several months: the rebrand of Member Solutions. Deciding to rebrand meant that we needed to reflect on who we are as a company, how we’ve evolved, and what our evolution means for us and our clients—now and in the future.

What You’ll See from Us

We’re still Member Solutions, but now with:

  • A new, modernized logo that you’ll see across our media
  • A re-energized website optimized for engagement and usability
  • A unified product line with new, memorable names

What Our Rebrand Means for Our Clients

All of these changes are summarized in our new mission statement:

To delight our clients by delivering industry-leading service and flexible, technology-driven solutions that provide superior value.

Our new mission goes back to who and what we care about the most: our clients and community. Through the rebranding of Member Solutions, we want to ensure that we are giving you our 100 percent best as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) partner that anticipates your needs and meets them through high-quality customer service. You inspire us to be more and do more every day.

What Our Rebrand Means for Our Community

We’ll continue to serve the martial arts, fitness, and personal training communities through our suite of solutions. We’ll also offer tailored solutions to other membership-based communities, including:

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Box training
  • Music schools
  • Spas and massage businesses

We’re excited to feature our complete list of industries on our new website. We at Member Solutions want to help business owners live their dreams by easing organization and the time commitment required in their day-to-day tasks.

We’re Here for You

Your hard work often means early mornings, late nights, lunch breaks on-the-go, and time away from family. But you wake up every day knowing you’re not only living your dream, but that you also have the power to inspire others. When you partner your passion with Member Solutions, you’re deepening the community relationships that influence your success. We’re here to help you make a difference.

About Us

Leading provider of billing and member management solutions. Proudly serving the martial arts and fitness industry since 1991.