Elevating the Member Experience: New Member Portal Dashboard, Recurring Payments & Pay When Booking Tools

What’s one of the most valuable assets a martial arts business can have?

A satisfied member.

When members are happy with their experience, they are more likely to stay committed to their martial arts training and recommend others to your business (which in turn brings a bunch more benefits like increased revenue, boosted brand reputation, a sense of community and loyalty among members, and so on.)

That’s why we’re beyond excited to deliver our latest set of improvements to the Member Portal: a sure-fire way to elevate your member’s experience and overall satisfaction.

Let’s dive into the details:

1. A Redesigned, Mobile-Responsive Member Dashboard

Like a personal assistant who keeps track of important details, the new Member Portal dashboard provides a live snapshot of key account information for your members in one place for a streamlined and simplified experience.

As soon as members log in, they land on the dashboard that shows:

◾  Messages from your business

◾  Upcoming classes for the next 7 days

◾  Remaining sessions

◾  Upcoming payments

Even better, our family accounts make accessing multiple dashboards a breeze. With just one login, busy moms and dads can easily switch between dashboards for themselves and their children.

2. Recurring Payments

Have a member that needs to update their credit card expiration date or switch their payment method from credit card to ACH? Now it’s easy for them to do so.

With the latest release, your members can update their recurring payment information on their own 24/7, without your team needing to do it for them.

Not only does this feature lessen the workload for your team, having members enter their own payment information reduces the potential for errors and ensures sensitive information remains secure.

3. Pay When Booking

A new and improved feature, Pay When Booking allows members to purchase packages and sessions directly from the class schedule. By reducing the number of clicks required to make a purchase,  members are more likely to complete their transactions which, in turn, leads to more purchases and revenue for your business. 

Simplicity & Convenience in Every Click

At its core, our latest release is all about giving your members a smoother, more streamlined experience. By prioritizing simplicity, convenience, and intuitiveness, we’re confident your members will love the changes we’ve made — and make the Member Portal their go-to destination for their needs.  

See the Member Portal for yourself. Book a live demo today!


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