New Martial Arts Software Features, Call Center Enhancements Elevate Studio Operations & Member Experience

As a martial arts business owner, you certainly understand the importance of staying organized and efficient to succeed. However, it can be nearly impossible to find time in your day to handle all the tasks that need to be done. From managing class schedules to keeping track of student progress, the demands on your time can be overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Imagine a world where managing your martial arts business is no longer a time-consuming task.

A world where your business always runs at peak efficiency.

A world where you have all the time to give to your students, your staff, your business, your friends, your family — and yourself.

That’s the world we want for you, and that’s why our 2022 focus was developing self-service tools for your members. After all, the more tools your members have, the more efficient your operations, the greater the member experience, and lighter the administrative load for you and your team.

Here we share the highlights of 2022 — and all the greatness of the Member Portal’s self-service tools for members — along with a glimpse of the exciting new features to come.

2022 Highlights

Mobile-Responsive Feature Makes Sign-Ups Quick & Easy

Part of the Member Portal in our martial arts software, the new mobile-responsive sign-up feature allows members to enroll, renew, or upgrade a membership, sign a membership agreement, and complete a transaction on their phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop — in less than a minute!

Simple Online Scheduling Makes Class Bookings a Breeze

Part of the Member Portal, the new mobile-responsive scheduling feature allows members to book classes from their tablet, desktop, laptop, or phone — anytime, anywhere. ​​​​​​Over 10,000 classes have been booked since simple scheduling was released in Sept. 2022!

7 New Account Liaisons Joined Our Member Call Center Team

Excellence in service delivery is at the heart of what we do. That’s why in 2022, we expanded our call center team by 60% to ensure continued high-quality service and quick response times for our clients’ members.​​​​​​

New Family Accounts Allow Members to Easily Manage Memberships for the ENTIRE Family

Perfect for busy moms and dads, family accounts in the Member Portal make it quick and simple for members to buy items, book classes, and purchase memberships for the ENTIRE family — in one spot.

Account Updater Service Reduces Credit Card Declines, Ensures Steady Revenue 

Part of our full-service billing solution for martial arts schools and fitness gyms, the Account Updater service prevents declines of recurring payments by updating member card data when cardholder information changes or expires. More than 7,000 payment profiles were updated in 2022 to ensure continual, steady revenue to client businesses.​​​​​

Elevate Your Members' Experience with the Member Portal

LOADED with self-service tools, the Member Portal allows your members to easily enroll, renew, and upgrade memberships, book classes, manage family accounts, and purchase pro shop items — all from the comfort of their homes.  

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Enhancement Increases Member Convenience, Elevates Experience

Our newest IVR enhancement allows members to provide real-time, live updates on payment profiles, demographic information, balances, and more through voice commands and their phone keypad.​​​​​

Optimized Marketplace Boosts Pro Shop Sales 

The newly-optimized Marketplace was created to provide martial arts business owners and fitness business owners their very own online pro shop to sell gear, apparel, memberships, and programs — plus track zero-dollar items like intro classes and trial offerings. More than $50,000 has been processed through the Member Portal Marketplace since its release in Sept. 2022! 

10 New Marketing Kits Simplify Event Marketing

From Valentine’s Day to Buddy Day, each kit includes 4 customizable marketing pieces to help our martial arts and fitness business clients quickly get their event promotions out the door. 

Greater Control Over Member Communications

Through a recent release, Member Manager software users now have greater control over how and when they communicate with members, including options to send — or not send — automated emails, marketing emails, invoices, and text messages.

Coming in 2023

As always, each new tool will be designed with our martial arts and fitness business client community in mind to make their business lives easier. 

Here are just 2 of the new tools coming in 2023:

New Easy-to-Read Monthly Financial Statement

Part of our full-service billing solution, the new monthly financial statement will completely reorganize transactions into detailed, at-a-glance sections for optimal readability.

New Tiered Pricing for Membership Contracts

Perfect for encouraging families to join at a discounted rate, this new Member Manager software feature will allow users to set payment amounts based on how many members are added to a contract. For example, 1 member = $150, 2 members = $225, 3+ members = $300. 

Innovative Software Additions Ahead


As you can imagine, we already CAN’T. WAIT. to deliver these new software tools this year to provide even more value to our client community! 🙌

Stay tuned for more details coming in the weeks ahead. And, if you have any questions or comments on our highlights or coming features, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Elevate Your Members' Experience with the Member Portal

With the Member Portal, members can easily enroll in a membership, sign a membership agreement, and complete a transaction in less than a minute — all from their phone!

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