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Why Your Gym Needs a Mobile App

With all the other technology and marketing you invest in for your fitness business, you’re probably wondering, why does my gym need a mobile app? Let’s start with the facts:

Based on these statistics, most people spend way more time in mobile apps on their phones than they do in any gym. With your own mobile app, you’ll be able to interact and create a stronger bond with your members. This will help you increase loyalty and retention.

How does a mobile app improve your members’ experience?


A mobile app helps you retain members by offering them a convenient way to interact with your business. It also improves communication and creates a more personal experience.

Convenience Is Key


To keep your members coming back, you need to try to make it as easy as possible for them to visit your facility and use your services. A mobile app makes it simple for members to browse and book classes or appointments at any time. Most people already use their phones for scheduling and like the convenience of viewing their gym schedule there, too.

A mobile app can also simplify front desk check in by letting members scan a barcode on their phones. This means they don’t need membership cards. These added conveniences show members that you understand their on the go lifestyles.

Keep Them in the Loop


Keep your members up-to-date on what’s happening at your facility so they feel valued and involved. Send news, special offers and event information via push notifications or in-app announcements. Be sure to update them on closures and cancellations with a quick message to their phones.

Let Them Explore


More than anything, a mobile app lets your members experience your fitness services in their own way. Through an app, they can discover new classes, share workouts on social media, and check out a variety of events. By providing this tool, you’re inviting them to expand their relationship with your business in whatever way they choose.

A mobile app is a great way to provide a superior experience for your members that increases loyalty and keeps your members coming back for more.

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