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Introducing the New & Improved Monthly Financial Statement: A Crystal-Clear Picture of Your Business’ Funding Activity

As a martial arts business owner, understanding your business’ financial performance is key to making smart choices and propelling growth. But let’s face it, keeping tabs on your financial information and making sense of it can be a real challenge. It can feel like a mountain to climb, especially if you don’t have the right… Read More »

10 Ways To Increase Gym Revenue Without Selling More Memberships

Most gym owners drive business growth in two ways: 1) by finding new members and 2) by keeping the members they already have While marketing and retention are great for growing your community, they represent only a fraction of the ways to increase gym revenue. By shifting your focus to maximizing every available revenue stream,… Read More »

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Help! I’m Offering Online Martial Arts Classes But Not Sure How to Handle Membership Billing. Should I Freeze My Memberships? Charge Members?

No doubt this has been an extremely trying time for the Martial Arts and Fitness community. But in these trying times, it’s been hugely inspiring to see so many business owners, instructors, and members of that same community get creative. They have stay committed to keeping to their training on track. In addition they are… Read More »

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10 Ways to Reduce Your Delinquency Rate & Increase Cash Flow

In the 30+ years that Member Solutions has been in business, we’ve discovered that there are ways to alter member payment behaviors to ensure prompt and predictable cash flow to your facility. Here are 10 tips to reduce delinquency and facilitate collections with our managed billing services. 1. Avoid statement or coupon billing methods whenever… Read More »

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Why Involuntary Attrition Is Killing Your Member Retention

When you’re losing the battle for member retention, it’s impossible to ignore. Complaints, poor attendance, and painful cancellations show a clear problem. But what about when content members disappear without notice? While on the surface it seems like your member retention is rock solid, a silent killer may be lurking. Due to failed, expired, or… Read More »

4 Steps to a Genuine Membership Sales Pitch

Does selling memberships make you feel greasy? It shouldn’t! Think of it this way: Your sales process is not only the key to more money for your martial arts school—it’s also the way to discover who needs your talents the most. A good sales process is less of an outright pitch and more of a… Read More »

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7 Ways to Handle Late Member Payments

Asking your students for money is never easy. When a member of your martial arts school doesn’t pay on time, it’s tempting to let the delinquency slide to avoid confrontation. But you run a business. You deserve to be paid for the valuable services you provide. Still, how can you ask for late payments without… Read More »

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How to Avoid Financial Disputes with Your Gym Members

Member-owner relationships are a bit like marriages. You work hard to cultivate strong, long-lasting bonds. You do all you can to show you care and provide what your member needs. Despite that effort, you can still find yourself dealing with absences, arguments, and painful breakups caused by disagreements about money. Among married couples, financial disputes… Read More »

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Webinar: Uncover the Hidden Profit Center Inside Gyms & Martial Arts Studios

Can you turn a profit on your billing expenses? Expert sales consultant and school owner Erik Charles Russell says yes.


4 Ways to Build Solid Customer Relationships in Your Fitness Business

  Are you focusing as much energy on your current members as you are with your new ones? Building member relationships is a super important part of business success.    Having engaged, happy customers not only helps make your business more successful, but it also makes your job worth going to every day. When you… Read More »