6 Ideas for Multiplying Your Gym Revenue with Tiered Membership Pricing

We all know that keeping your members happy and sticking around is the name of the game. But, you can’t just rely on the same old tricks. You have to be innovative, always looking for ways to make things smoother and boost that bottom line.

That’s where the tiered membership pricing magic comes in. Imagine being able to offer sweet discounts tailored to different types of groups that encourage multiple memberships.

Let’s dive into 6 ideas on how you can make the most out of tiered membership pricing—and supercharge your gym revenue.  

1. The Family Bundle


Family Discounts: Consider offering discounted rates for families looking to enroll multiple members. For example, if a family signs up a parent and two children, you can offer a special family package that makes it more cost-effective for them to join. This not only encourages family fitness, but also enhances your martial arts school’s or fitness studio’s revenue.

Friends and Siblings: Extend the concept of group discounts to friends who want to work out or practice martial arts together. Offer a reduced rate for a group of friends, making it an enticing option for them to join as a team.

Sibling Specials: Create discounts for siblings joining your facility. This approach encourages parents to enroll multiple children, as they can take advantage of the sibling discount. It’s a win-win, as you not only attract more members, but also ensure that siblings can train or work out together which aids retention.

2. Couples Discounts

Spousal Savings
: Many couples enjoy exercising or practicing martial arts together. Provide special discounted rates for couples signing up for memberships. It not only saves them money, but also strengthens their bond through shared activities.

Couples Exclusive Classes: Consider offering exclusive classes or time slots for couples, which can be part of their membership package. This unique experience can be a strong selling point for couples looking to join your facility.

3. Buddy Groups

Small Group Training
: Create small group training programs for members and their buddies. This could be a group of friends or coworkers who want to work out together. Offer group discounts and tailor workouts to suit their collective fitness goals.

Buddy Referral Programs: Encourage existing members to bring their buddies along by implementing a buddy referral program. Offer discounts or benefits to both the referring member and the new member, further expanding your membership base and revenue.

4. Community Organizations

Collaborations with Local Schools: Partner with local schools or community organizations to offer special discounts to their students, staff, or members. This approach not only benefits the community but also introduces a steady stream of potential new members to your martial arts school or fitness studio.

Community Events: Host community events or workshops in collaboration with local organizations. Offer exclusive discounts to attendees to drive membership growth and strengthen your ties within the community.

5. Corporate Groups

Corporate Wellness Programs
: Reach out to local businesses and propose corporate wellness programs. Offer discounted rates to their employees, making it an attractive benefit for employers to invest in their staff’s well-being. This not only boosts your revenue but also positions your facility as a valuable corporate wellness partner.

Lunchtime or Post-Work Classes: Schedule lunchtime or post-work fitness classes tailored to the needs of corporate groups. This convenient timing can entice employees to participate in group activities.

6. Team Training Discounts

Sports Teams and Clubs
: Reach out to local sports teams, clubs, or organizations and offer specialized group training discounts. Whether it’s a soccer team, a running club, or a yoga group, provide exclusive pricing for group members looking to cross-train, build strength, or enhance their performance.

Emphasize the benefits of team bonding and improved performance that can come from training together. By doing so, you not only attract a dedicated group of individuals, but also establish your martial arts school or fitness studio as a go-to destination for team fitness and conditioning.

This approach can significantly increase your revenue while solidifying your reputation as a hub for group training in your community.

Tiered Membership Pricing = Benefits All Around

Incorporating these tiered membership pricing strategies not only amplifies the appeal of your membership offerings, it broadens your reach to a diverse range of groups — whether it’s through family bundles or team training discounts. As a result, you not only encourage multiple memberships, you stimulate a surge in revenue, helping pave the way for greater financial success.

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