The Essential Event Pick List for Martial Arts Schools [Infographic]

Running an event is arguably one of the best things you can do for your martial arts business. Doing so provides three great benefits: 1) New leads 2) Solid retention 3) Supplemental revenue (if you choose to charge for your events) Now that you know why you should host events, you can use this infographic… Read More »

10 Ways to Get Involved & Make a Difference During National Bullying Prevention Month

One in three students report being bullied each week in schools across America.* As a matter of fact, those that are bullied can experience long-lasting, devasting effects including depression, anxiety, loss of interest in activities and other health issues.** Fortunately, bullying prevention, education, and awareness efforts are increasing. Communities are joining forces to put a… Read More »

How to Develop a Business Plan for Martial Arts & Fitness Businesses

Developing a membership-based business plan is a great tool to help you effectively address any challenges you’ll face. More importantly, a solid business plan will help you set and reach your business objectives. After all, if you don’t have goals to meet, how do you know what you are aiming to achieve? Here’s where to… Read More »

Doing the Math to Calculate Martial Arts Business Success

Why do some martial arts studios have 50 students while others have 500? Before delving into the multitude of factors contributing to martial arts business success or failure, understand first that it all comes down to two very simple metrics: Number of monthly enrollments and drop-out rate. As long as your number of enrollments is… Read More »

Success in Your Business: Creating a Sense of Belonging & Purpose

I am a big advocate of encouraging others to get creative with their ideas. In fact, about a year ago, I opened Fitness Compound, which offers a variety of fitness classes, programs, and training options including Zumba, cardio, Pilates, spinning, baseball, climbing, and basketball. Since then, I’ve added Mixed Martial Arts for kids, Zumba Tone,… Read More »

5 Errors to Avoid: Employee Discipline

Greater focus, improved self-control, and increased self-discipline are only a few of the lasting benefits that a practitioner or trainee realizes from their study of any martial art. As a business owner, your challenge is to translate the discipline you impart in your teaching to your employees. This will help to ensure the smooth operation… Read More »

8 Keys to Effective Business Partnerships

Partnering is a critical element of nearly all businesses. We partner with employees and investors, in addition to actual business partners or co-owners. Effective partnering is evident in any successful organization that requires multiple human beings to achieve its objectives. Teams of all types require a few elements of effective partnering to be successful. Marriage… Read More »

5 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Business’ Grand Opening Event

Client Question: I am opening a new business soon. Can you provide some ideas to drive traffic to my business on our Grand Opening day? Chances are good that you have invested a lot of money into starting your new business. Here I’ll provide some low-budget ideas for a Grand Opening celebration. 1) Rent an… Read More »

4 Events That Drive Community Involvement & New Member Enrollment

It doesn’t matter what kind of martial arts studio or fitness business you run. The goal is the same: to grow in both size and reputation Networking within your community is a great way to attract new members and build your business. Community involvement is key in creating a positive image. One of the easiest… Read More »

How to Increase Your Gross Sales Now

The 27th of March was a good news day for me. One of my General Managers called to inform me that my two Krav Maga schools were ranked #1 and #2 in the Member Solutions President’s Club based on total monthly gross billing totals. While I charge all of my enrollment fees, first month’s dues,… Read More »