Implementing a Membership Price Increase: A Guide for Martial Arts Schools

As the owner of a martial arts school, you know that success depends on maintaining a balance between providing quality service to your members and running a profitable business. And, one of the crucial aspects of managing the financial health of your business is periodically implementing price increases. While it might seem daunting, a well-planned… Read More »

Refining Martial Arts Membership Pricing for Maximum Advantage

As the owner of a martial arts school, your primary focus is the well-being and development of your students. Yet, it’s equally crucial to ensure the financial health of your business. One of the most effective ways to achieve this balance? Periodically review and adjust your membership pricing strategy. Although your initial response to a… Read More »



3 Tips for Creating a Fun & Effective Member Appreciation Event

    Have you ever stopped to think about how incredible your community is? How your students and members aren’t just faces in the crowd; how they’re the lifeblood of your studio, bringing energy and passion to every session. That’s why we’re excited to chat with you about hosting a member appreciation event. It’s not… Read More »

Unleashing the Power of Online Student Enrollment for Your Martial Arts School

Simple. Efficient. Secure. It’s the kind of enrollment process every martial arts business seeks to effectively manage and meet the needs of their students. Yet, so many studios still use traditional paper-based methods for student enrollment … Methods that are complicated. Ineffective. Open to a host of problems like inaccurate data collection and lost enrollment… Read More »



Spring Clean Your Martial Arts Business: 4 Productivity Boosters for Operations

With the sun shining brighter and the air feeling fresher, it’s the perfect time to give your dojo a spruce-up. But spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up—it’s a chance to evaluate your business operations. Are there outdated procedures that could be streamlined? Is your equipment due for maintenance or replacement? Taking action now will… Read More »

Elevating the Member Experience: New Member Portal Release

What’s one of the most valuable assets a martial arts business can have? A satisfied member. When members are happy with their experience, they are more likely to stay committed to their martial arts training and recommend others to your business (which in turn brings a bunch more benefits like increased revenue, boosted brand reputation,… Read More »

New & Improved Monthly Financial Statement for Member Solutions Clients

Understanding your business’ financial performance is key to making smart choices and propelling growth. But let’s face it, keeping tabs on your financial information and making sense of it can be a real challenge. It can feel like a mountain to climb, especially if you don’t have the right tools or know-how. That’s why we’re… Read More »

5 Game-Changing Tools That’ll Delight Your Martial Arts Members (+ Boost Revenue & Efficiency!)

Imagine waking up to 4 new student enrollments, 2 program upgrades, 3 orders for training gear, and a membership renewal … a group of sales that literally happened overnight and adds $1k to your revenue for the month. Sounds great, right? That’s exactly what the Member Portal can do for your martial arts business. The… Read More »



Fun February Marketing Ideas for Your Martial Arts & Fitness Business (Beyond Valentine’s Day!)

February is more than just hearts and candy for your sweetie; it’s a time to shower your business with some L-O-V-E by way of lead generation and new member enrollments. Here we look at monthly and daily observances you can leverage to create fun, impactful marketing campaigns that draw in new martial arts and fitness… Read More »

Martial Arts Summer Camp: Set-Up, Pricing, & Marketing Tips

Picture it: sunshine, BBQs firing up, and the anticipation of days spent by the pool. And of course, school will be out before you know it. That means NOW IS THE TIME is to kickstart your promotion for your martial arts summer camp! The earlier you spread the word about your camp, the better your… Read More »